Labrys Pendant by K Robins Designs

Labrys Pendant by K Robins Designs
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This early Minoan symbol of the Mother Goddess resembles a butterfly and contains a three-lobed lily. Sterling Silver 1-1/16" x 15/16"  Comes with a 30" black satin cord.

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This early Minoan symbol
of the Mother Goddess
resembles a butterfly and
contains a three-lobed lily.

This beautiful sterling silver Labrys Pendant measures 1 1/16" x 15/16"in size.

K Robins' designs are hand carved in wax, and cast in sterling silver. Each sterling silver pendant comes on a black card with the name and symbolic meaning of the pendant. A 30” black satin cord is included so that your new pendant can be worn immediately as a necklace.  

k_robins_designsK Robins was born and raised in Virginia and resides there in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. An epiphany of sorts occurred around 1980 and I began to see life in a new way. While my young children played nicely upstairs I would steal away to my basement shop where I normally made furniture, cooking utensils and an assortment of other wooden things. Now to my amazement, out of the wood and sawdust, a series of female figurines was erupting. The original cherry, boxwood, rosewood and ebony symbols and figures have evolved into a line of silver pendants that includes nearly 100 designs.

Many of the jewelry designs come from my fascination with the language of symbols and how the art of different cultures and times echoes around the world.All cultures surround themselves with symbols of some sort and naturally pass them reverently from generation to generation. These symbols lift up and guide us through life's interwoven cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.

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Labrys Pendant by K Robins Designs
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Labrys Pendant by K Robins Designs
The pendant is beautifully made and I'm thrilled with how it looks and how I feel when I wear it. Every time I put it on I feel a certain strength from, and connection to those who came before me.

I'm drawn to quite a few of K Robins designs and will be a repeat customer! Thank you!
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