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Lean Into Green with Judy Grahn – Women’s Spirituality is Green Spirituality

Lean Into Green with Judy Grahn: Women’s Spirituality is Green Spirituality
“We Must Go Back to Go Forward Sustainably” 


Judy closes this interview with her “Common Woman” poem.

We make greener choices when we have ways to really identify with Nature. Women’s Spirituality is the practice of connecting with, and being in relationship with, what is imminent and energetic in Nature. You will gain a sense of where we might go and how we might change from a materialist and mechanistic view to a much more contemporary world view, one where everything is imminent and in process.

Grassroots and academic women have been developing Women’s Spirituality for 40 years – a history that looks behind the curtain of patriarchal times. Women centered knowledge has been suppressed in the interest of men developing their own sciences. Now, it’s time for women to step forward again.

Science of all kinds is moving in the direction of a women-centered way of being.  Women’s Spirituality is spreading out into our culture in many different ways.  Learn about an online curriculum that includes Archeo-Mythologists, Dancers and Artists.

Judy Grahn is an amazing Poet, writer and Author, Teacher and Professor, and one of the Founding Mothers of the Lesbian Feminist Movement in the United States.

Newest Book: Hanging On Our Bones


A Simple Revolution: The Making of an Activist Poet


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Judy Grahn in Cyberspace


Metaformia – A Journal of Menstruation & Culture

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