Preventing Cancer with Jean Gallick - EMFs and Cancer: The Tai Chi Solution

Humans evolved in relation to Earth’s electromagnetic field. AC Electricity and the EMFs of WiFi, Cell Phones, Smart Meters, computerized cars, etc., disrupt this relationship, causing a constant subtle stress, compromising our body’s ability to heal itself.

Preventing Cancer with Jean Gallick
EMFs and Cancer: The Tai Chi Solution

Jean Gallick is an inventor who has focused for 30 years on environmental pollution and Electromagnetic Radiation Protection. Jean invented EMF protection technology to improve her chronic health problems and the health of others. Listen to her “The Tai Chi Solution.”

Good News: Electromagnetic Radiation Protection is availlable, and the current changes to locally generated renewable energies like wind and solar will decrease your exposure to the stressful alternating currents of AC Electricity and EMF Radiation. DC Batteries used to store these new energies are benign to your Nervous System.

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