Intuitive Tarot Readings by Heidi Feather

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Tarot will show you the steps you need to take, to reach your destination.
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Many people believe that tarot can predict the future, in some ways it can. Yet, what tarot does best is it shows the pathway that you should follow to get the future that you desire. Tarot, Lenomarnd and other cardomancy are amazing tools that show the deepest part of self. It may show you what needs healing or what to watch out for. I am an intuitive Tarot reader. Not only do I interpret the cards but I often receive messages that need to be heard.

Three Card Reading
Choose either Lenormand or Tarot, includes an Oracle card. This is delivered by email with each card explained in its position, with an overall reading, plus a picture of the layout of the cards.
Cost $25.00

Other Readings
A seven card reading plus an Oracle card, delivered by email with each card explained in its position, with an overall reading.
Cost $50.00

An audio reading delivered live by Skpye, Google hangouts or Facebook messenger. This includes a seven card Tarot reading, an Oracle card, three Lenormand cards, plus a picture of the layout of the cards. This must be scheduled with Vendor.
Cost $75.00


Heidi Feather quest for esoteric knowledge began over 35 years ago. Her Ancestry hails from the all of the Celtic Regions of Northern Europe. Her youth was spent in the fields and forest of Southern New Hampshire, mostly on her maternal Grandparents farm. Here she developed a kinship with flora, fauna and land spirits. Her inner-standing grew as she worked with the elements. She became a student of the craft studding with Christopher Penzac and others. She has participated in a wide array of scared ceremonies, that are indigenous to North and South America. She has been a student of the tarot for 20 plus years. Her readings are very Earthy, amazing and Hot, say some of her clients.

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