Ill Will by J.M. Redmann

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The seventh novel featuring New Orleans private detective Michele ‘Micky’ Knight.  If you liked the previous books in this series, you won’t be disappointed with this one.


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Here's an excerpt from Chapter One:

"My day had started at 7 this morning, with a drive to and back from Lafayette. Yesterday, I had not gotten in until 10 in the evening after an evening of fruitless surveillance. Right after Katrina I’d thought, what the hell does a destroyed city like New Orleans needs a private investigator for?"

"I learned quickly that chaos brings a need for order. My cases ranged from tracking down missing people—one to a grave in Iowa, another to a new life with a different name in Las Vegas and the rest to just about every physical and psychic location in-between—to insurance fraud, both on the part of people whose only visit to the area was to file a claim and insurance companies doing all they could to avoid paying after gobbling up premiums for decades."

J. M. RedmannJ.M. (Jean M.) Redmann grew up in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, a small town on the Gulf of Mexico. At eighteen, determined to escape the South, she headed north to attend Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Due to circumstances beyond her control (following a partner who had decided to go to law school) Redmann moved to the City That Care Forgot, New Orleans.

Redmann currently works as the Director of Prevention at NO/AIDS Task Force, the largest AIDS service organization in Louisiana. One of the few lesbian authors to have crossed over to the so called mainstream. Her books have been translated into German, Spanish, Norwegian and Dutch. Presently, J.M. Redmann lives, works and survives in the city devastated by Katrina-New Orleans. She lives just at the edge of where the waters stopped.

I want to encourage you to buy books in general. A book is one person in a room writing. It’s not filtered through multiple people, actors, directors, scriptwriters, like most other media. So, buy books.  If possible buy them from independent booksellers.  Even better buy them from independent women’s/gay/lesbian/ progressive booksellers.

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