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Hunter Lovins shares the good news that operating sustainably increases profitability. Hear about "Green Investments," becoming an "Impact Investor," and why Hunter wakes up smiling. You can too!

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Hunter Lovins
The Good News of Natural Capitalism Solutions

"Going green isn’t just woowoo, it’s good for business."



Businesses big and small are becoming more profitable by operating sustainably. Hunter Lovins wakes up smiling, and you will when you hear the new direction our world is moving in. 

Green business practices are increasing at the same time young inventors are bringing sustainable development solutions we couldn’t have dreamt of in the past. Hear how the safest investment is “Green Investment,” and hear about becoming an “Impact Investor.” Discover an accredited online course where you can learn from the best thought leaders on green development from around the world. 

Hunter Lovins is a Colorado Cow Girl, an author, a global Professor, and a researcher. She has been a promoter of sustainable development for over 30 years.  Hunter is president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, a 501c3 non-profit in Longmont, Colorado, and she is the Chief Insurgent of the Madrone Project. Hunter Lovins teaches businesses and MBA students how sustainable business practices will make you more profitable! 

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Why Buy Woman Made Products? 
Studies show that when resources are directed toward the women, everyone benefits! Gender equality is crucial for conservation, sustainable development, and equitable benefit sharing. Women green entrepreneurs make informed choices and negotiate outcomes that balance biodiversity, conservation, and human development needs. 
10,000 years ago, we women developed agriculture based on our menstrual connection to lunar cycles.  Our passion and dedication is to “Woman-Identified Sustainable Development,” putting women and our lifelong experiences back at the center of development strategies. is woman owned, operated, and financed. 


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