Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities by Rebecca Solnit

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New Expanded Edition! An argument for hope even in the dark. Activism of the past five decades and new grounds for political engagement. This new, significantly expanded edition covers, among other things, the political territory of America and the world after George Bush’s re-election. Paperback.


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Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities by Rebecca Solnit

Acclaimed author Rebecca Solnit draws on her life as a writer and activist, on the events of our moment, on our deepest past, to argue for hope even in the dark.

Reminders of how changed the world has been by the activism of the past five decades. A dazzling account of some of the least expected of those changes, and a vision of cause-and-effect relations that provides new grounds for political engagement in the present.

Rebecca Solnit traces the rise of a sophisticated, supple, nonviolent new movement that unites all the diverse and fragmentary issues of the eighties and nineties in our new century:

Historic victories from the fall of the Berlin wall
Zapatista uprising
Seattle in 1999
Worldwide marches against the war in Iraq
Cancun in September 2003
And much more!

When the first edition of Hope in the Dark was published in mid-2004 it gained an instant cult audience. Many readers were so inspired by Solnit’s book that they bought multiple copies to give to friends. ISBN 978-1-60846-576-7.


Rebecca Solnit is an independent writer since l988. As a writer, historian, and activist, she is the author of 20 books on feminism, the environment, western and indigenous history, popular power, social change and insurrection, wandering and walking, hope and disaster. Her work includes atlases of New Orleans and San Francisco, Hope in the Dark, and Men Explain Things to Me. She has received a Guggenheim, the National Book Critics Circle Award in criticism, and the Lannan Literary Award.

Rebecca Solnit is the product of the California public education system from kindergarten to graduate school. She is a columnist at Harper’s.

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