Coleccion Luna Floral Hobo Bag

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Bohemian Chic Floral Hobo Bag in rich earthtones. Comfortable wide strap. An extra large bag to get you through your day and our travels in style and comfort. Created from a Myana's blouse that was handwoven in town of Chichicastenango. 12” x 15” x 2”.

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With Fair Trade practices and pure love, Coleccion Luna, a Mayan Women's Cooperative, creates beautiful, ingenious, and awe inspiring woven items.  

floral-hobo-bags-coleccion-luna mayan fabric


Coleccion Luna's Bohemian Chic Floral Hobo Bag in rich earthtones with a comfortable wide strap.

A wonderful extra large bag to get you through your day and our travels in style and comfort. 

Created from reclaimed traditional Indigenous blouse that was handwoven in Chichicastenango.

Coleccion Luna works with a Women's Cooperative located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, employing over 90 Indian women. Coleccion Luna weaves together ancient traditions with modern home and fashion accessories, each piece telling a unique and sacred story of Mayan culture. 

coleccion-luna-weavingInspired by the Indians and country, Stephanie Jolluck has traveled to the Highland Region of Guatemala several times a year for over a decade to work directly with the artisans on her designs. She could not bear the thought of this beautiful tradition going extinct and wanted to share it with the world. In Guatemala, she witnessed extreme poverty for the first time and noticed that most women living in poverty were the very ones creating the beautiful, ingenious, awe inspiring weavings and art. It was a contradiction that didn’t make sense to her.

coleccion-luna-women-weaversThis awareness became the inspiration for Coleccion Luna. Stephanie has created a partnership with Indigenous women, giving them the opportunity to share their art and enrich their families and community. This beautiful line of textiles is created from reclaimed Mayan Indigenous clothing: 

Huipiles, blouse like garments
Corte, skirts and utilitarian fabrics
Faja, belts

coleccion-luna-fabricsAll Coleccion Luna fabrics are hand-woven, hand-embroidered, woven on a backstrap loom, woven by treadle loom, or machine embroidered based on 2,000 year old textile traditions. As a cottage industry, the women can choose to work in one of three houses together with other women from the community or the artisans can choose to work in the comfort of their homes and have free time, giving them liberty to work and tend to their family responsibilities. 


coleccion-luna-women artisan with Stephanie Jolluck

On various levels, Stephanie uses Coleccion Luna as a vehicle to support various humanitarian organizations focused on women & girl’s empowerment in her artisans communities and beyond.

She is also a founding member of Sustenance Group, an Atlanta-based coalition of business professionals who contribute their time and talents to activism, nonprofit fundraising, and educational activities.

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