heartbreak a political memoir by andrea dworkin isbn 9780465017539

Heartbreak: Political Memoir by Andrea Dworkin

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Andrea reveals for the first time the personal side of her lifelong journey as activist and writer. Hardback.


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Andrea Dworkin at an anti-porn rally"How did I become who I am? I have a heart easily hurt. I believed that cruelty was most often caused by ignorance. I thought that if everybody knew, everything would be different. I was a silly child who believed in the revolution. I was torn to pieces by segregation and Viet Nam. Apartheid broke my heart. Apartheid in Saudi Arabia still breaks my heart--I don't understand why every story about rising oil prices does not come with an addendum about the domestic imprisonment of women in the Gulf states. I can't be bought or intimidated because I'm cut down in the middle. I walk with women whispering in my ears. Every time I cry there's a name attached to each tear." ISBN 9780465017539.

Andrea Dworkin on Crete 1966"In my secret longings there was another desire as well, not opposite but different, not the same but as strong. There would be a new social order in which people could live in a new way. There would be this new way of living which I could, on the edges of my mind and in the core of my being, imagine and taste. People would be free, and they would live decent lives, and those lives would not be without pain, but they would be without certain kinds of pain. They would be lives untouched by prisons and killings and hunger and bombs. I imagined that there could be a world without institutionalized murder and systematic cruelty."

"I imagined that I could write a book that would make such a world possible." 
Andrea Dworkin, First Love, 1978. 

Andrea Dworkin Heartbreak

Andrea Dworkin, 1946 to 2006, was one of the most controversial and influential feminist thinkers of our day. She spoke at colleges, universities, and rallies all over the world and co-authored, with Catharine A. MacKinnon, civil-rights legislation recognizing pornography as legally actionable sex discrimination.

Andrea is listed in Encyclopedia Britannica's "Guide to Women's History"
among the "Top 300 Women who Changed the World".

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