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Lean Into Green with Rebecca Spector - The Center for Food Safety

Listen free to Rebecca Spector, West Coast Director for the Center for Food Safety, as she talks about eating safely, GMOs, the importance of bees, and all the good changes in our food systems.

Lean Into Green with Kim Freeman Brown - Green Communities of Color

Listen free to Kim Freeman Brown as she talks about Green Jobs, Food and Leadership in Communities of Color. Hear about young people and women at the cutting edge of sustainable economies. 

Preventing Cancer with Connie Engel - The Science of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is 5 different diseases. Focus on chemicals and radiation. How you can reduce your risk. Mamography alternatives. Low-dose exposures. Cosmetics without cancer. Questioning BPA alternatives. Working to stop this disease before it starts. 

Preventing Cancer with Kristi Marsh - Protecting Those You Love

Kristi Marsh is a Breast Cancer Warrior! Diagnosed with aggressive Stage 3 Cancer, she has become a nationally recognized advocate for women’s environmental health. Hear the "Little Changes" she made that help us deal with toxins in our home, environment, and personal care products.  

Women and Money with Rachel Lee Coppola Healthy and Allergy-Free Living on a Budget LISTEN HERE

Learn tips on saving money by: 1) Having a Budget/Plan in place; 2) Creating a Meal Plan - it's more difficult to eat out when cross-contamination is an issue; and 3) Live within your means! If it's not in your budget, and you don't NEED it, don't buy it.

Lean Into Green with Diane MacEachern - Save Money Going Green

Diane MacEachern is a best-selling author and green business guru. A long-time environmentalist passionate about empowering consumers, especially women, to use their marketplace clout to protect the environment.

Preventing Cancer with Beth Greer - Good Health Starts in Your Home

Beth Greer shares: How to Live Healthy in a Toxic World; Easy Ways to Have a Super Natural Home; Why You Should Question What Goes In, On and Surrounds You; and Beauty through Wellness and How to Look and Feel Radiant at Any Age.

Lean Into Green with Judy Grahn - Women's Spirituality is Green Spirituality

Author and professor Judy Grahn is one of the Founding Mothers of the Lesbian Feminist and Women's Spirituality Movements in the U.S. She speaks about Eco-Feminism, both ancient and modern. Judy says, "We must go back (to our ancient woman-centered beginnings) to go forward sustainably."

Women & Money with Lara Hinz: Retirement and Long-Term Financial Security LISTEN HERE

Start small and make a Big difference! Women earn less and live longer. Plan for it! Know your numbers, how much will you need in retirement? Make your own personal retirement plan to allow for financial security during the 3 to 10 years many of us live alone as we age.

Lean Into Green with Erin Switalski - Women's Voices for the Earth

Our Health. Our Future. Toxic Free! Join Women's Voices for the Earth "No Secrets" Campaigns: Are Air Fresheners, Feminine Care Products, and Musk Fragrance disrupting your hormones? Plus 10 tips for reducing toxic exposure, recipes for saving money and your family’s health!

Lean Into Green with Tama Matsuoka Wong - "Foraging for Flavor"

Listen free to Tama Matsuoka Wong as she talks about Foraging for Foods in meadows, farmers markets, and your own backyard. Safe foraging for flavor and nutrition. Watch her beautiful video: The Wild Farm.

Lean Into Green with Lori Alper - Going Green In Easy Steps!

Learn why these easy steps are important for your family's health. Learn how to minimize plastics and why! And how to gradually change to non-toxic cleaning products as you run out, and about replacing your family's personal care products with safe ones

Lean Into Green with Leslie Reichert - The Green Cleaning Coach

Leslie Reichert will take you on a green cleaning tour of your home, garden, and automobile, with tips and tricks for cleaning green!

Women and Money with Sue Thompson - Making Financial Decisions with Confidence LISTEN HERE

"How we do money, is how we do everything!" 3 Steps to Making Financial Decisions with Confidence: 1) Clarity on your current Financial Baseline; 2) Creating a Plan gives you the Freedom of knowing your next step; 3) Be at "Choice" by looking at your Money Principals.

Preventing Cancer wIth Sandi Star - Using Food as Medicine LISTEN HERE

Sandi Star is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and Certified in Clinical Nutrition and Clinical Herbology. She teaches us how to use food as medicine to address inflammation and strengthen our immune systems to help prevent cancer and its  recurrence. 

Lean Into Green with Hunter Lovins - Natural Capitalism Solutions

Hunter Lovins shares the good news that operating sustainably increases profitability. Hear about "Green Investments," becoming an "Impact Investor," and why Hunter wakes up smiling. You can too!

Lean Into Green with Beth Terry - Living A Plastic Free Life

Listen free to blogger, Beth Terry, who has done much of the research for us on reducing your family's exposure to toxins, cool plastic free innovations, and  generating less plastic waste. Hear how she convinced Clorox to make Brita Filters recyclable.

Lean Into Green with Helena Norberg-Hodge - The Economics of Happiness

Helena Norberg-Hodge shares "The Economics of Happiness: Lessons from Ladakh," the western most part of the Tibetan Plateau at an elevation of 12,000 feet. A sustainable global economic perspective.

Lean Into Green with Dr. Asoka Bandarage - The Middle Path LISTEN HERE

Dr. Asoka Bandarage brings you the story of wholeness, and the connections between sustainable environments, societies, and economic futures.

Lean Into Green with Charlene Spretnak - Women's Relational Reality LISTEN HERE

Charlene Spretnak helped to co-found the Green Party Movement in the U.S. with her 1980’s book, “Green Politics.” She has been named one of Britain's "100 Eco-Heroes of All Time." Charlene talks on the subject of Dynamic Relatedness and the sustainability of women's relational ways.

Lean Into Green with Simran Sethi - The Green Brain

Listen free to Simran Sethi, "The Environmental Messenger." She tells us about the important role of women in sustainability, and why the way we think is uniquely central and required in business, environment, and development. 

Deirdre McGuigan and Indego Africa at Lean Into Green Telesummit
Lean Into Green with Deirdre McGuigan - Fair Trade LISTEN HERE

Fair trade and shopping Africa. How literacy and entrepreneurship training creates sustainability and  independence for women.

Preventing Cancer with Ellen Connett - Fluoride: A Hormone and Endocrine Disruptor LISTEN HERE

Fluoride is a Hormone Disruptor. Why is it added to our water? What about the "Poison Warning" on our fluoride toothpastes? Does fluoride damage our DNA? What are the health effects of fluoride on humans? On our thyroids? On our children?

Lean Into Green with Denise O'Brien - Women, Food and Agriculture

Listen free to Denise O’Brien whose life has been devoted to raising women’s voices in agriculture. She founded WFAN, a community of women empowering women to build food systems and communities that are healthy, just, and sustainable.

Women and Money with Kat Ballucci - The Path to Building Wealth LISTEN HERE

Your credit is your Blueprint! Create a Budget - Needs vs. Wants! Protect your assets (family, health, income, home, autos). Start a "Clutch of Women," and set a monthly agenda, do the research, grow together. Learn about 3 "Wealth Building Buckets."

Women and Money with Amy Hinojosa - Financial Literacy LISTEN HERE

Know the importance of credit for your everyday life! Reassess your financial well-being at life's milestones. Financial Literacy is a life-long journey. Slow and steady wins the race! 

Lean Into Green with Morra Aarons-Mele - Connecting Women Online

Morra Aarons-Mele is founder of The Mission List and Women Online, facilitating women's use of social media to change the world. She shares how we are connected, mobilized, and strengthened by social media.

Preventing Cancer with Susan H. Moss - Keep Your Breasts

Susan says, "Cancer can be healed by the body's own healing and repair mechanisms using entirely natural means to support the process. Medical treatment, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, fail to stop the growth of cancer in the majority of cases." 

Women and Money with Diane MacEachern - Save Money Creating a Greener World LISTEN HERE

Learn ways to save money by shifting your budget to living greener! Did you know that women spend 85% of every consumer dollar. Let's do it well! Learn shopping green for your family, children and pets! Fair Trade, and the trickle down effect for your entire eco-system.

Lean Into Green with Terri Treat - Living Sustainably with Natural Bedding LISTEN HERE

Terri Treat teaches us about natural sources for bedding: Organic Cotton, Eco-Wool, Natural Latex and Wellspring. You'll shop smarter and your family will sleep healthier!

Lean Into Green with Katy Farber - Non-Toxic Kids

Listen free to Katy Farber, a Mommy Blogger who says, “We can and do have an impact as parents. We can organize and act on issues of children’s health. Climate Change is a children’s health issue."

Preventing Cancer with Jean Gallick - EMFs and Cancer: The Tai Chi Solution

Humans evolved in relation to Earth’s electromagnetic field. AC Electricity and the EMFs of WiFi, Cell Phones, Smart Meters, computerized cars, etc., disrupt this relationship, causing a constant subtle stress, compromising our body’s ability to heal itself.

Preventing Cancer with Audra Conklin - Control What You Can: Your Home

Learn about the connections between Allergens, Asthma, Scented Candles, Plug-Ins, and Air Fresheners -- and how eliminating the very small daily doses of these toxins can help prevent chronic health problems, cancer, and it's recurrence.

Preventing Cancer - The Health Dangers of Fracking

Over 350 communities have taken action against fracking, and the movement is growing stronger every day. Communities across the nation are waking up to the dangers of fracking, and the drilling associated with fracking. We need to understand fracking. Watch the Video!

Lean Into Green with Renee Loux - Easy Green Living

Listen free to Renee Loux, TV host, Women's Health Magazine columnist, and raw food chef, as she talks about making safer choices, cleaning kindly, hormone disrupters, deodorants, and so much more!

Lesbian Culture - Podcast 1

Lesbian Culture, a conversation with Judy Grahn, Bonnie Morris, and Max Dashu. Three Lesbian Scholars steeped in Lesbian Culture. A wonderful gift of love to all generations of lesbians.

Dr. Melissa Farley - Fracking & Trafficking

In this podcast, psychologist Melissa Farley explains her understanding of the intimately connected  exploitation of women and exploitation of the earth. Multinational corporations and governments designate so-called "sacrifice zones" for resource extraction and in the process they exploit both men and women.  Poor men are exploited for their labor, and women are provided to pacify them after what is usually miserable and dangerous labor. Eventually, when the resources are depleted or the land is destroyed, or environmentalists protest, and the resource extraction stops, the sex trade nonetheless continues. In sexist cultures where women can't make enough to survive, prostitution becomes entrenched. Melissa Farley quotes Lisa Brunner, White Earth Ojibwe at the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center, and anthropologist Peggy Reeves Sanday.

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