"Women do not want to be mainstreamed into a polluted stream: We want the stream to be clean, clear and healthy. All issues are women's issues. We must all wear the hat of an Advocate. " 

Bella Abzug, U.S. Senator and co-founder of  the Women's Environment & Development Organization WEDO.


Green Woman News 6/9/18
BBQ & Kitchen, Victory Gardening & Father's Day, Green Africa & Women's Voices

Green Woman News 5/19/18
Turtles & Skin Care Toner, Cleanser & Moisturizer

Green Woman News 5/12/18
Moringa Mamas, Fermenting Foods & Gluten Free Baking

Green Woman News 5/5/18
Mother's Day Gifts, Rescue Gifts, Mother Love & Spa Robes

Green Woman News 4/21/18
Earth Day, Woman Made, Shiki Futon & Clever Crates

Green Woman News 4/14/18
Earth Day Pendants, Say NO to Plastics, A Greener Kitchen

Green Woman News 4/7/18
Compost, Baby Gifts, Double Venus & Organic Mattresses

Green Woman News 3/24/18
HERstory, Savvy Kitchen Tips, Chapsticks & Art

Green Woman News 3/10/18
Women's HERstory, Lakota Culture, Advice for the Future & Breastpots

Green Woman News 3/3/18
Birthstone Jewelry, Reduce Waste, Menstrual Cups

Green Woman News 2/17/18
Nature's Antibiotics, Wool Comforters for Winter & Tampons on Sale

Green Woman News 2/3/18
Double Venus, Permaculture, Skin Care & Dance of Recognition

Green Woman News 1/27/18
Valentine's Day Quartz & Moonstones, Safe Bedding & Art Cards

Green Woman News 1/20/18
Women's March Inspiration from the Bronze Age, Power, Solidarity & Winter Dry Skin

Green Woman News 1/13/18
Hearts, Rings & Clean Veggies


Green Woman News 12/16/17
Sexism, Feminism, Animal Rights & Radiation

Green Woman News 12/9/17
Holiday Good News, Time, Cards, Books & Coffee

Green Woman News 12/2/17
Bird Feeder, Gift Guide, Cards & Beyond Gluten

Green Woman News 11/18/17
Inspiring Video! Celebrating Native Women & 2017 Success Stories

Green Woman News 11/4/17
Elephants, Pendulums, Gluten Free Baking & Gender Equality

Green Woman News 10/28/17
Waffle Recipe, Women's March, Your Fall Table & DIY Kitchen Scrub

Green Woman News 10/15/17
Awake Coffee Bars, Nobel Prize, Thrive Market & Why You Should Boycott

Green Woman News 9/23/17
Cornucopia, Fermenting Spices, Pony Drums, Woman Power & UN Nuclear Ban

Green Woman News 9/2/17
Mosquitoes, Bees & GMOs, Diversity & We'Moon 2018

Green Woman News 8/12/17
Side Sleepers, Oral Health, Sappho's Bar & Grill

Green Woman News 7/15/17
G20 Gender Equity, Nuclear Ban, New Podcast, Organic Deodorant & Eco-Pads

Green Woman News 6/10/17
Welcome Blankets, Gifts for Dad, Book Exhibit & World Environment Day

Green Woman News 5/27/17
We Bleed And Do Not Die, Recovery & Tampon Sale

Green Woman News 5/14/17
Mothers' Day, Coloring Books for Big Girls, Mom & Me, and Ants

Green Woman News 5/7/17
Mothers' Day, Coloring Books for Big Girls, Mom & Me, and Ants


Green Woman News 3/18/17
Coal Country Testimony, Rebecca Solnit, MichFest, Spa Robe & #1 Water Filter

Green Woman News 3/11/17
Untold Histories, Safe Weed Killer, Moringa & Womyn's Gathering in France

Green Woman News 3/4/17
Women's History Month, Breastpots & Pakistan Upstairs

Green Woman News 2/18/17
Swedish Feminists, Women's Art & Culture, Eco-Beauty & Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Green Woman News 2/11/17
Valentine Runes, #1 Water Filter & Texas Judge

Green Woman News 2/4/17
Elephants, Going Vegan & Call Your Senator

Green Woman News 1/28/17
Sweethearts, Eleanor, Sister Giant & Gluten Free Valentines

Green Woman News 1/21/17
Today We March, Herstory, DCIS & Valentines

Green Woman News 1/14/17
Pussy (Cat) Hats, Valentines & Little Changes

Green Woman News 1/7/2017
Women's March, Elizabeth Warren & Winter Dry Skin

Green Woman News 12/31/16
Feminism, Oracles & Steinem's Sisters Library

Green Woman News 12/24/16
2017 Calendars & The Disappearing Lesbian

Green Woman News 12/17/16
Winter Blues, Happy Vaginas, Stocking Stuffers, Jewelry & Children's Books


Green Woman News 12/10/16
Women Marching, Living Beautifully, Holiday Cards, 20% Off Latex, Free Emergency Water Kit

Green Woman Store News 12/8/16
Woman to Woman, Holiday Cards, Gifts & Boycotts

Green Woman Store News 11/19/16
Migration, Sanctuary Bands, Patchouli & The Real Amazons!

Green Woman Store News 11/12/16
Mourning-After Organizing, Solidarity, Female Erasure & Pat Parker

Green Woman Store News 10/29/16
#WomenActForClimateJustice, Preventing Cancer & Chanukah Kid's Rock

Green Woman News 10/8/16
Gender Gap and World Hunger & Monsanto On Trial

Green Woman News 9/10/16
Back to School with Judy Grahn, Menstruation & Maternal Health in The News

Green Woman News 9/3/16
Solidarity, Art Glass, Love Poems & Kitchen Tips

Green Woman News 8/20/16
Natural Latex, Bullies, Lice & Energy Grid Victories

Green Woman News 8/13/16
Women Sustaining Civilization, Labrys, Voices from The Land & Moringa for Health

Green Woman News 7/30/16
Natural Pest Control, European Folk Religion, EMF & We'Moon 2017

Green Woman News 7/16/16
RoundUP, Gluten, NO Plastic & Seed Sovereignty

Green Woman News 7/3/16
Don't Use RoundUp, Safe Sunscreen, Gorilla Fiction & Fractals

Green Woman News 6/18/16
Retirement Planning, California Sage, The Upstairs Wife, Coloring Books for Big Girls

Green Woman New 6/11/16
Women of Grit, U.N. Women, Produce Bags & Ronnie Gilbert

Green Woman News 5/28/16
Lizard Radio, Wisdom & World Menstruation Day

Green Woman News 5/21/16
Lady Bug Day, Brides, Hope & Capitalism

Green Woman News 5/7/16
Mother Love, Poetry & Preventing Cancer

Green Woman News 4/23/16
Feminist Farming, Mother's Day & Emergency Water Treatment

Green Woman News 4/22/16
Earth Day Feminism: Women,Sustainability & Climate Change With Asoka Bandarage

Green Woman News 4/16/16
Earth Day Jewelry, Reading & Sustainable Living

Green Woman News 4/9/16
Food Safety, Aromatherapy & Living Beautifully

Green Woman News 3/26/16
Women's Power, Foraging Meadows & Farmers

Green Woman News 3/12/16
Triskele, Seeds, Salt & Carol

Green Woman News 3/5/16
Eco-Feminism, Organic Futons & Menstrual Pads

Green Woman News 2/20/16
Shop Woman Made for International Women's Day 2016

Green Woman News 2/13/16
Make Mother Earth Your Valentine

Green Woman News 1/30/16
Women's Hearts, Water Health & Valentines

Green Woman News 1/23/16
Dry Skin? Aphrodisiacs? Food Waste?

Green Woman News 1/15/16
Valentine Cards, Jewelry, Pillow Sale & UN Women

Green Woman News 1/9/16
Bee Health Improving, Chapstick & Bottles Up

Green Woman News 1/2/16
2015 Big Wins, Art Quilt & Oracles


Green Woman News 12/27/15
Women's Retirement Planning, Praying with Images, Books & Free Telesummits

Green Woman News 12/19/15
Faery Merriness, U.N., Satva, Books & Jewelry

Green Woman News 12/13/15
Paris COP21 Women & Action, Books, Aromatherapy, Eco-Wool

Green Woman News 12/5/15
Holiday Bedding Sale, Jewish Kid Rock & Hope Into Practice

Green Woman News 11/28/15
Solidarity, Art Glass, Love Poems & Kitchen Tips

Green Woman News 11/25/15
Live Your Joy: Bouncing Back After Loss

Green Woman News 11/21/15
Steinem on Tape, Reusable Produce Bags & Feminism

Green Woman News 11/14/15
Notorious RBG, UN Women & Dancing Tree Tees

Green Woman News 10/31/15
Water, Gloria Steinem & Supreme Court Justices

Green Woman News 10/24/15
Rad Women A to Z & Living an AntiCancer Lifestyle

Green Woman News 10/17/15
Preventing Cancer in Your Home, Natural Menstruation, Health & Beauty

Green Woman News 10/10/15
Preventing Environmental Cancers, Patti Smith & Ronnie Gilbert

Green Woman News 10/3/15
Preventing Cancer, Moringa Tea & Transforming Health

Green Woman News 9/26/15
Why Vegan? There's More to Climate Change than Fossil Fuels

Green Woman News 9/5/15
Plastics, Emergency Water Treatment & Detransitioning

Green Woman News 8/29/15
MichFest, Footprints, Women, Leadership & Power

Green Woman News 7/26/15
Cocoons, Patchouli & Travel Pillows

Green Woman News 7/11/15
Bees, Garden Water Filters & Energizing Tea

Green Woman News 7/4/15
Dryscaping, Capri Sale, Headscarves & Freedom Falacy: The Limits of Liberal Feminism

Green Woman News 6/21/15
Summer Solstice, What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? & A Happy Father's Day Message from Malala's Father

Green Woman News 6/14/15
Sun Protection & Gifts for Dads, Uncles & Brothers

Green Woman News 5/31/15
Indoor Air Quality, A Greener Kitchen, Damron Women's Travel Guide

Green Woman News 5/24/15
BBQ Condiments to Avoid, Retreat Activewear & NY Times Best Seller

Green Woman News 5/17/15
Bad Feminist, Coconut Oil Tips & Organic Linens

Green Woman News 5/10/15
Soil SOS, Ancestral Mothers, Matronae, Leslea Newman & Happy Mother's Day

Green Woman News 4/30/15
Women's Heart Health, Nepal, Gratitude, Active Wear & Grip Zones

Green Woman News 4/22/15
Earth Day 2015: Rachel Carson, Naomi Klein, Barbara Kingsolver & EcoBabies

Green Woman News 4/15/15
Earth Day, Mother's Day & Cooling the Planet with Small Farms and Conscious Consumers

Green Woman News  4/8/15
Water: Outdoor Tips & Indoor Drinking Water Filtering Systems

Green Woman News 4/1/15
Fun Vibrant Natural Easter Eggs, Sister Goddess & Reproductive Acts

Green Woman News 3/25/15
Spring Cleaning Recipes & Money Saving Tips with Leslie Reichert, The Green Cleaning Coach

Green Woman News 3/19/15
Serotonin & Soil, "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler, Feminism & Sustainability

Green Woman News 3/11/15
Feminism: Interviews, Stories & Case Studies

Green Woman News 2/19/15
Starting Seeds Indoors, Protein Powder, Porn & Feminism

Green Woman News 2/4/15
Romance Is In The Air

Green Woman News 1/28/15
Aphrodisiacs, Relationships, Goddesses & Men

Green Woman News 1/22/15
Valentines, Chocolates & Terra: Princess Guardian of the Land

Green Woman News 1/14/15
Reconciliations, Changes, Paleo Hair & Treasure Scarves

Green Woman News 1/7/14
Peace Lilies, Winter Heating Tips, Meditation & Art



Green Woman News 12/31/14
Happy New Year, Lip Tips, Silk & Guadalupe


Green Woman News 12/29/14
Plan a Less Toxic New Year's Party

Green Woman News 12/26/14
Year End 25% Off Menstrual Cups by Lunette


Green Woman News 12/24/14
Cartoons, Paleo & We'Moon 2015


Green Woman News 12/17/14
Hanukkah, Hand Painted Silk & Rain Barrels

Green Woman News 12/10/14
Stocking Stuffers, Women's Spirituality, Bath & Body, Children's Jewelry


Green Woman News 12/3/14
Indoor Blooming Plants, UrthBags, Menstrual Cups & New Lesbian Fiction


Green Woman News 11/21/14
Flame Retardants, Alice Walker & Holiday Gift Ideas

Green Woman News 11/12/14
DIY Coconut Oil Tips, Naomi Klein, Solstice Cards & Jewish Rock

Green Woman News 11/6/14
Garden Help, Yoga Active Wear, New Chrildren's Book

Green Woman News 10/29/14
Artemis, Corduroy, Coconut Oil & Fluoride

Green Woman News 10/15/14
Farmer Jane, Save Water & Time, LED Lighting

Green Woman News 10/10/14
Not That Kind of Girl, End of Summer Gardening, Organic Sheets, and Little Changes

Green Woman News 10/2/14
Preventing Cancer Telesummit: Exposing the Environmental Causes

Green Woman News 9/17/14
Indigenous History, Bullying, Veggie Tips, Mitts & WiFi Protection

Green Woman News 9/10/14
Fried Green Tomatoes, California Sage, Mountain Girls, and Lesbian Tent Revivals

Green Woman News 8/27/14
Kitchen Water Saving Tips, Cradle Me & Sleeping On A Cloud

Green Woman News 8/20/14
Foods & Your Cancer Risk, Yoga, Rings, and Saying "No" to Plastic

Green Woman News 7/24/14
5 Tips for Summer Fish, Salaam, Shalom, Peace & Patchouli

Green Woman News 7/16/14
Got Aphids? Cave Girl Paleo, Spirit Healer & Sister Citizen by Melissa Harris-Perry

Green Woman News 7/10/14
6 Antibiotics in Your Kitchen, Guadalupe, Damron & Body Scrubs for Summer

Green Woman News 7/3/14
July 4th Grilling, French Resistance & Southern Lesbians

Green Woman News 6/26/14
Safe Grilling Tips, Reusable Shopping Bags, Authentic Native Drums

Green Woman News 6/18/14
Wild Patience, MichFest, Early Planting Tips & Natural Pest Control

Green Woman News 6/11/14
Detox the Box! Reduce Your Exposure, Period

Green Woman News 6/4/14
Remembering Maya Angelou, Summer Solstice, Saving Marine Life & Planting for Mosquitoes

Green Woman News 5/29/14
Women & Money Week 3: Rachel Lee Coppola - Healthy Allergy-Free Living on a Budget

Green Woman News 5/28/14
Themed Tees for Father's Day & Backyard Habitat Tips

Green Woman News 5/22/14
Women & Money Week 2: Lara Hinz - Retirement and Long-Term Financial Security

Green Woman News 5/21/14
Organic Tees for Summer & Eco Office Tips

Green Woman News 5/14/14
Pillow Buying Guide & Global Vegetarianism

Green Woman News 4/29/14
Gifts for Mom & 7 Quick Recycling Tips

Green Woman News 4/22/14
Earth Day Vegan Tips, Handmade in Nepal, Lesbian Healthcare Workers & EMF

Green Woman News 4/16/14
Earth Day's Earth Religion & 'Vivere" Live Life to the Fullest!

Green Woman News 4/9/14
Earth Day 2014 "No Secrets" Bare Feet & Labyrinths

Green Woman News 4/3/14
Egg Shell Gardens for Spring & Abundance Accounting, Pet EMF Protection & Fuel Economy Tips

Green Woman News 3/26/14
Glass is Back! GF Food Bars & Fermented Vegies

Green Woman News 3/19/14
Women's Herstory Month & "The Gendered Brain" with Simran Sethi

Green Woman News 3/12/14
7 More BPA-Free Tips, Coleccion Luna & Spring Art Cards

Green Woman News 3/5/14
Kick the Plastic Habit, Oracles, Artemis & Eco-Babies

Green Woman News 2/26/14
I Need a Spring Cleaning Coach!

Green Woman News 2/19/14
Spring Cleaning & Foraging The Wild Farm

Green Woman News 2/13/14
Love Is In The Air: Gifts Under $100

Green Woman News 2/8/14
Fun V-Day Gifts for Girls

Green Woman News 2/6/14
New! Woolspring, Notecards & Black Herstory Book

Green Woman News 1/31/14
50% Off Go Free Pants, Body Candy & Dog Love Poems!

Green Woman News 1/24/14
Now Get What You Really Really Want for Valentine's Day

Green Woman News 1/17/14
Sexual Politics, Valentines, Oracles & DIY Facials

Green Woman News 1/10/14
The Yoga Mat You've Dreamed of & PHD to Ph.D

GreenWomanNews 1/1/14
Women's Voices for the Earth New Year Video,
Made In Alaska, Peruvian Alpaca, Fat Angie



Green Woman News 12/27/13
30% Off GoFree Pants & New Organics for A Greener Kitchen

Green Woman News 12/19/13
"Women's Spirituality is Green Spirituality"

Green Woman News 12/13/13
Top10 ReasonsTo Shop Green Woman Store

Green Woman News 12/6/13
What Is Your Scent Identity This Season?

Green Woman News 12/02/13
Jewish Holiday Kiddie Rock, Cyber Monday Sale, & Green Holiday Tips

Green Woman News 11/30/13
Prevent Chimney Fires & Small Business Saturday 20% Off Everything

Green Woman News 11/28/13
Black Friday Sale! Everything 25% Off

Green Woman News 11/26/13
We Can't Wait for Black Friday! Holiday Kitchen Tips

Green Woman News 11/20/13
6 Tips For Greener Holidays & New Fun Holiday Discounts

Green Woman News 11/16/13
Last Chance 30% Off Eco-Savvy Hand Bag & What's Your Pet's Carbon Pawprint?

Green Woman News 11/13/13
20th Anniversary Book Sale & English Retreads Handbags made from Upcycled Inner Tubes

Green Woman News 11/6/13
Gifts Under $25, Fall Mowing Tips & Don't Get SAD

Green Woman News 10/30/13
Good Witches Don't Text & Drive, We Wear Velvet on Holidays!

Green Woman News 10/26/13
Composting Fall Leaves, Organic Menstrual Pads, Green Halloween Tips

Green Woman News 10/22/13
Reflect the Light with LunaTagz for Haloween Safety

 Green Woman News 10/19/13
Can We Ask You A Favor? Our 3-Minute Survey

Green Woman News 10/16/13
Time for Fried Green Tomatoes, We'Moon 2014 & Go Free Pants!


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