Aroma For Health Goddess Musk Perfume Oil

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A very musky natural and 100% botanical perfume oil using Attars and Essential Oils of Wild Vetiver (Kush) and Henna (Hina.) It is the Hina that is very musky. A wild and deeply sensual perfume. 1/8  and 1/4 oz.

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Ships USPS $3.00. 

Goddess Musk by Aroma For Health is a 100% Botanical Perfume Oil.

Aphrodite statue in Mexico CityFor the very musky scent, we use an Attar made from the Henna plant called Hina. We add this to a beautiful Wild Vetiver known as Kush in the Middle East. Together, these two wonderfully ancient and sacred oils help us deepen our connection to our Self and to all of Nature! A wild and deeply sensual perfume. 

Contains Attars and Essential Oils of Wild Vetiver (Kush) and Henna (Hina). 

Above is the Temple Of Aphrodite in Turkey, one of the most celebrated places of pilgrimage in the ancient Greek world. The most ancient remains date back to the 12th century B.C.E.  To the right is a statue of Aphrodite in Mexico City.

Inhale & Enliven Your Joy!

The Divine Feminine is Balance in All Things.

Aroma For Health  Perfume Oils are Naturally Mysterious! Derived from Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oils, Attars, Resins and Botanical sources from around the world. We are dedicated to being ecologically responsible.  We support organic and sustainable farms and ethical wildcrafters around the world.

Aroma For Health natural products for the whole familyAroma For Health products are woman-made natural aromatherapy products. All of our Products are free of artificial and synthetic fragrances, petroleum, petrochemicals, paraben, sulfate, gluten, phthalate, and they are GMO-free too! Natural perfume sprays and oils are the popular and kindest way to go. They are not tested on animals, and result in minimal reactivity in humans, especially people with asthma, chemical sensitivities, COPD, etc., and our children who can be quite negatively affected by toxins and neurotoxins. Natural scents are wonderful gifts for teachers of young children for this very reason.

Aroma For Health products are a unique collaboration of Aromatherapy and Psychotherapy, created for beauty and  mood, and physical and emotional well-being. The plant oils, essences, attars and resins in our natural perfumes assist our body in changing patterns and adjusting to life's transitions.

All of our products are 100% guaranteed. 

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