Go Free Pants - Business Casual Plaid Pants

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Comfortable Business Pants. Uncomfortable inner seam is replaced with an antimicrobial cotton comfort panel. Multi-Stitch Waistband with Welt front and pack pockets. Plaid Polyester, Rayon and Spandex. Machine Wash and Dry. 32" Inseam. Made in China. A portion of the proceeds goes to Hospice Care. FREE SHIPPING!

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go free pants in business casual plaid The Science Behind the Style: What's sexier than feeling free? Free of panty lines. No restrictions. GoFree® comfort technology gives you something else pretty sexy freedom of choice. With the hidden antimicrobial cotton panel, you have the option of wearing undergarments or not.

Multi-Stitch Waistband with 2 front and 2 back Welt pockets. Grey & Black: 63% Polyester 33% Rayon 4% Spandex. Plaid: Tropical Fabric 75% Polyester 22% Rayon 3% Spandex. Machine Wash, Tumble Dry. 32" Inseam. Made in China.  A portion of the proceeds goes to Hospice Care.

GoFree® takes a fresh step forward in women’s fashion with a pant designed exclusively for women by a woman. 

Go Free Pants Cross Seam Comfort PanelLiberate yourself from lines and thongs! With Go Free® pants, you can part with unsightly panty lines and make undergarments optional. When you lose the lines, you don’t just look good, you avoid those irritating seams that can make you want to swear off pants altogether. No need to give up on a wardrobe staple. Go Free®, and see how sexy freedom looks and feels on you.
Sexy can be comfortable: With Go Free® pants, it’s finally possible to be sexy and comfortable! Our patent-pending design replaces the uncomfortable cross seam on typical Go Free Pants Invisible Comfort Panelpants with a smooth, antimicrobial cotton panel. Fresh, fabulous style. 

The truth: Until now, pants that rub us the wrong way have just been a fact of life. The truth is we’re not only sacrificing comfort; we’re risking optimal health. Pants that constrict and aggravate our bodies can cause a host of issues. Go Free® removes the main culprit – the center cross seam – and replaces it with a smooth, antimicrobial cotton panel that fights bacteria and offers all day comfort. 

The Plaid is a tropical blend fabric that does not give at all, unlike the velveteen that does give. So, if you were happy with the Size 2 Velveteen, we recommend Size 4 Business Casual Plaid.   

Go Free Pants  

Meet Tina Ketchie-Stearns, owner and creator of Go Free Pants, with an inspirational message for you!
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Go Free Pants supports hospice and breast cancer research.


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