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For "Boosting" the delicate Gluten Free flours. Select Brown Rice or Teff Sourdough Starters. Each 1.8 ounce packet boosts 4 batches of bread. Ingredients: brown rice or teff flour, water kefir culture, sugar, raisins.  No added yeast. 

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GF-Sourdough-Co-Starter-cultureThe Gluten Free Sourdough Company's Sourdough Starter Cultures are grown gluten-free from the start without added yeast. 

Each 1.8 ounce packet boosts 4 batches of bread. You can easily carry these cultures with you if you travel. No care of the booster is necessary between baking days. These Sourdough Starter Cultures last 6-12 months in their dehyrdrated state.

Gluten-free flours are delicate and prone to spoilage when fermented. "Boosting" them with a fermented product kick starts the bacterial yeast activity and prevents spoilage.

GF-Sourdough-Co-Starter-culture-brown-rice.jpgBrown Rice Sourdough Starter Culture: This culture is grown with organic brown rice flour. One packet will boost at least 4 new batches of starter.

Ingredients: Brown Rice flour*, water, water kefir culture, trace amounts of sugar* and raisins* (*Organic).

GF-Sourdough-Co-Starter-culture-teff.jpgTeff Sourdough Starter Culture:This culture is grown with unsprayed teff flour from The Teff Company. One packet will boost at least 4 new batches of starter.

Ingredients: Teff flour*, water, water kefir culture, sugar*, raisins. (*Organic)

Gluten-Free Sourdough Company's starters are grown in Sharon Kane's dedicated gluten-free facility on equipment that has never touched gluten.

The life of these starters can be extended by freezing which usually keeps them very fresh.

Packaging: Inner packaging is BPA-free foil bags lock out the air and preserve freshness. These ingredient bags are sealed with a hand-held heat sealer. Outer packaging is simple and attractive biodegradable paper, as green-as-possible. Many bags have plastic liners but because I am using BPA-free foil bags for the ingredients I did not need an extra layer of plastic. For shipping, I have chosen packaging that is all paper, no plastic, so it is all biodegradable.

Guarantee: Returns accepted within 5 days of receipt. Item must be undamaged and unopened with tags still attached. Contact our Customer Care for more details.

sharon-kane-healing-with-foodSharon Kane is highly sensitive to gluten as well as many other common foods. Not wanting to give up eating bread, she discovered ways to make nourishing and satisfying gluten-free sourdough baked goods using only healthful, non-allergenic ingredients.

After having food allergy tests, she discovered she had strong sensitivities to a number of foods including gluten, dairy, eggs and soy. Forty eight hours after removing those foods the sinusitis and intestinal distress cleared up!

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