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In this Telesummit, you will hear about diplomacy at the highest levels on women's rights, how Women's Studies Professors are changing world views, ancient history that bridges the gap between academia and grassroots education, journalism that focuses on women's health in African and African American communities, sustaining Feminism through lending libraries, how women farmers are changing agriculture, the connections between women's rights and animal rights, between environment and gender, and global cultural connections that are medicine for women's spirits.

These two collective quests, Feminism and Sustainability, touch every aspect of our lives. Feminism has always brought hope and truth to whatever issue it touches. Feminism has greatly facilitated women’s complex experiences, actions, and solutions being examined and treated with the respect they deserve – linking women’s emancipation with the care of the earth, economics, education, health, justice, and world news, indeed every aspect of our lives.

From the grassroots to international agencies, women’s roles are recognized as among the most important actions to bring about sustainability. The result has been the growth of environmental and political action by women and women’s groups around the world. We’ll talk about the sustainability of feminism, and the important role that feminism plays in real, lasting, and global  sustainability.

No matter what your experience or understanding of Feminism is,  you will be strengthened and your resolve for alliances for the future will be restored.

"Climate Change as a catalyst to transform our broken economic and cultural priorities. Inspiring movements that have already begun this process... Either we embrace radical change ourselves or radical changes will be visited upon our physical world. The status quo is no longer an option." Naomi Klein's newest book, This Changes Everything

Meet Your Feminists


Feminism Telesummit with Gail Dines - Growing Up in a Porn Culture

Porn is an addiction, a public health issue, and THE major form of sex education. It is sexualizing boys and men toward violence against women and making real intimacy for them impossible. The good news is that 90 minutes of feminist critical analysis helps to bring recovery. Gail Dines is Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies.

Ursula Miniszewski feminism telesummit
Feminism Telesummit with Ursula Miniszewski - The Environment and Women’s Rights: What’s the Connection?

Climate change interventions can be a critical entry point for promoting women's equality in terms of land rights, economic and cultural rights, access to decision-making, and political participation. Ursula will expand your global reality with stories at the intersection between women's rights, environmental justice and climate change.

Feminism Telesummit with Judy Grahn - A View from Metaformia

Metaformia is the creative power that derives from Menstruation. Metaformia would change everything! Judy shares the importance of woman-centeredness and earth-centeredness and how Lesbian Feminists were crucial in putting women's organizations into the public sphere, how Feminist Poetry helps us access the intuitive parts of our brain where we connect to nature, rituals that are changing things, and her advice for the future.

Feminism Telesummit with Dr. Mana Kasongo-Robinson - African & African American Health

"You Can Follow Your Dream and Be Useful," says Dr. Mana Kasongo. Born in the Congo, she impacts individual lives by following the call to where she is needed and wanted. With degrees in Journalism and Medicine, she practices Advocacy Journalism and Emergency Medicine. She talks about Ebola, HIV/AIDS, home healthcare, and the importance of a national healthcare infrastructure and "Medical Minutes."

Feminism Telesummit with Denise O'Brien - Women, Food and Agriculture

Denise O'Brien is a woman whose life has been devoted to raising women’s voices in agriculture. She married a farmer and became one at a time when women still called themselves "farmer's wives." Women farm differently and sustainably, and we are changing the face of agriculture. Women own over 50% of rented farmland in the U.S., and grow 75% of the world's food. CSAs allow consumers to share in the risk and help break the farmer debt cycle. Land Trusts are leasing farmland to beginning farmers. Hear the good news of Feminism and Sustainability!

Feminism Telesummit with Carol J. Adams - The Sexual Politics of Meat

You can get all your protein needs from plant-based foods. No cholesterol in a Vegan Diet. You are eliminating foods that aren't good for you. The U.N. and the USDA recommend moving away from a meat diet. Meat eating has been a way of showing male virility. Women are animalized, and animals are feminized and sexualized in ads and comments. 1/3 of the world's land mass,  40% of U.S. fresh water, and 35% of U.S. dependence on foreign oil is devoted to animal agriculture.

Dr. Asoka Bandarage at the Feminism Telesummit
Feminism Telesummit with Dr.Asoka Bandarage - Women, Sustainability and Climate Change

We should not allow the fear to overtake us. This Climate Crisis is an opportunity to develop our own emotional and spiritual capacity. There is a global consciousness that shifting to sustainable energy is a moral and ethical challenge. We need to think about System Change, and equal and sustainable forms of globalization. 

Feminism Telesummit with Lisa Kemmerer - Environmental Ethics and Dietary Choice

You will learn why feminists should be vegans, the links between diet and the environment, how religion is a tool for change, and the economical, environmental, and personal health implications of Vegetarianism. “We have extended ethics outward from self to family to community to all of humanity. We are now called to extend moral consideration to other species.” Professor Lisa Kemmerer

Feminism Telesummit with Bonnie Morris - Women’s Role in Sustaining Civilization

Bonnie Morris shares her experiences as a Women's Studies Professor. Stories of international students and events, the next generation of students, and women's longevity. She says, "Feminists have been successful in making it now mainstream to take Women's Studies." Host: Carolyn Gage.

Feminism Telesummit with Rita Henley Jensen - Why Are The Mothers Dying?

We have the only rising maternal mortality rate in the developed world. Women's mortality rates indicate the effectiveness of a nation's healthcare system. Our hospitals are not prepared or equipped to deal with obstetric emergencies! African American women die 2 to 3 times more often!

Feminism Telesummit with Max Dashu - Why Our History is Important & Juicy!

Inscribed and charged symbols on ceramics and ceremonial weavings have cosmological significance, global similarities, and cultural connections. Max Dashu has recorded these sacred narratives. Everyone has historical roots to claim and an authentic place to stand without appropriating other cultures. This is medicine for women's spirits!

Feminism Telesummit with Debbie Schwartz - Steinem Sisters Collection

Launched on Gloria Steinem's 80th Birthday! A model for other communities to adopt. Includes books in and out of print by 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wave Feminists, textbooks, and books by and about Gloria Steinem.

Feminism Telesummit - Sexism in the Animal Rights Movement with Lisa Kemmerer

"Sexism in the Animal Rights Movement is not new—it’s part of our culture and has been in the movement since women first started working to protect animals! Male privilege and white privilege are connected with human privilege—they are connected with the problem of animal abuse. We need to recognize these interconnections and make the necessary changes in our lives if we want to bring change. Going vegan is critical, but we also have to root out sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression to welcome a world of peace." Lisa Kemmerer

Dr. Melissa Farley - Fracking & Trafficking

In this podcast, psychologist Melissa Farley explains her understanding of the intimately connected  exploitation of women and exploitation of the earth. Multinational corporations and governments designate so-called "sacrifice zones" for resource extraction and in the process they exploit both men and women.  Poor men are exploited for their labor, and women are provided to pacify them after what is usually miserable and dangerous labor. Eventually, when the resources are depleted or the land is destroyed, or environmentalists protest, and the resource extraction stops, the sex trade nonetheless continues. In sexist cultures where women can't make enough to survive, prostitution becomes entrenched. Melissa Farley quotes Lisa Brunner, White Earth Ojibwe at the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center, and anthropologist Peggy Reeves Sanday.

"Women do not want to be mainstreamed into a polluted stream: We want the stream to be clean, clear and healthy."
Bella Abzug, U.S. Senator and co-founder of Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO)

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