Esse Everyday Shopping Bag

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You'll use it every time you shop! Long handle fits over your shoulder. Replaces 2 plastic bags with each use. Easily holds 20 lbs. Compact, and fits into your purse or pocket. Machine wash. Made in China from recycled plastic bottles.
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ESSE - Everyday Solutions for Saving the Earth
Reduce plastic waste with every use. 

You'll use this Esse Every Day Bag every time you shop! Long handle fits over your shoulder. Replaces 2 plastic bags with each use. Easily holds 20 lbs. Compact, and fits into your purse or pocket.

All of our bags fold small and can be stored in the multi pocket CarryAll tote, small drawstring 3-Pak Bag, or your own pocket or purse. Not to be limited to the grocery store, the Everyday Bags are perfect for the mall, department store, and convenience store.

3pak-multi_esse_reusable_bagsWith Esse Reusable Bags, you are saying "No" to plastic and recycling it at the same time! Check out the Everyday Shopping Bag 3-Pack here
Great Idea: This is a wonderful solution at the supermarket for those 'leaky' foods. 



All Esse bags are machine washable, line dry, lead free, and made in China from recycled plastic bottles.

Watch this very short video showing how to fold your Everyday Bag:

 Grocery Bags, Produce Bags, Everyday Bags, and The Carry All Tote! 
dawn and holly esseDawn & Holly are two eco-conscious, re-purposing moms busy raising their families. Holly (on the right) is an artist with a million ideas. Dawn is a Business Manager with practical solutions. Holly wanted to invent the perfect Everyday Bag, and Dawn wanted to fix the hideous Grocery Bag. They drew, cut, pasted, sewed, and prototyped until they got it right. 
"We wanted to eliminate paper and plastic, and remember to use our bags. We needed to CONTAIN THE MADNESS. Our mission is to provide a SIMPLE, SMART & STYLISH alternative to one-time use bags by offering a complete reusable shopping bag system. So the CarryAll Tote was born. Esse bags are designed for all types of shopping...for everyone, everyday, every time."

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