EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System Upgrade Plug

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Update your EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System. These Update Plugs add protection from WiFi and anything plugged into your WiFi.

Pre or Post May 2013:

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Update-Plug.jpgEarthCalm has developed and strengthened the power of the Home EMF Protection device in response to increased levels of electropollution in homes. The EarthCalm Update Plugs upgrade earlier systems to create a 5 part system operating at current standards.

- Home Systems purchased prior to September 2014 now require adding Plugs 4 & 5 to upgrade these systems to current standards.

- Home Systems purchased after May 2013 through September 2014 included the 4th plug. These systems now require only Plug 5 to upgrade to current standards.


EMF Protection for Your Home from EarthCalmThe Home Protection System can be plugged in anywhere in the home. Square footage is irrelevant because the product does not broadcast a frequency, as some other products do. Instead, it feeds a grounding pattern into the wiring that runs through all your walls, grounding your family to Earth's energy so that man made EMFs do not effect you. It equally protects all rooms that are on the same electrical meter. Even large three-storey houses are generally on one meter, including the garage and out buildings.

The Home Protection System does not use electricity. If the power goes out, it simply stops working. There’s no danger. No danger when lightning hits either. The System can be used world-wide. A plug adapter is needed outside the US, but NO voltage adapter.

The EMF Home Protection System includes three plugs, one plugs into the wall and the other two plug into the first plug. The Upgrade Plug plugs into a different outlet. Especially designed for people who need to gradually acclimate to its full strength of protection.

All EarthCalm EMF Protection Products come with a Brochure, Information Sheet, and a 90-day money back guarantee.

Earth Calm EMF Protection

How Does EarthCalm Technology Work?

EarthCalm products provide EMF protection through strengthening your connection to the earth’s electromagnetic field. This "grounding" causes the dissipation of stress-producing currents coming from man-made EMFs so they can’t harm us.

When using EarthCalm products, you feel like you're out in nature. This "Grounding" allows for the positive flow of energy and information between your body and the earth. The earth’s electromagnetic field is the environment in which your body is meant to live. It’s the field in which our bodies naturally heal and thrive, and the field essential for optimal health.

Some EMF protection products can ground you to the earth’s crust. These can be helpful. But to fully protect yourself from EMFs, it’s necessary to be fully immersed in the earth’s electromagnetic field, not just connected to the surface of the earth. This what EarthCalm products do.

EarthCalm products strengthen your ground to earth's electromagnet field through the use of “geometric circuits” or antennae which mirror the electromagnetic structures found in the earth’s electromagnetic field. They work through the principle of Resonance. 

These are a few of the health benefits experienced by users of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products: Increased sense of calm and relaxation, a deeper and more refreshing sleep, greater resilience to flus and colds, a reduction of pain, increased mental clarity and performance, more energy and increased vitality, an a greater ability to handle stress.

Listen to Jean Gallick, founder and inventor of Earth Calm EMF Protection Products,  explain the technology: 


Jean Gallick Earth Calm Founder

Jean Gallick invented EarthCalm EMF Protection technology in an effort to improve her chronic ill health and the health of others. She, and many others, were plagued with a long assortment of health problems with no clear causality referred to as "Environmental Illness." Jean tore apart two houses before discovering that eliminating formaldehyde, perfumes, detergents, etc, were only part of what was necessary for optimum health.

Jean Gallick TreeJean learned that EMFs were a huge contributing factor to her own and other's chronic health problems. With a background in experimental psychology and scientific methodology, Jean conducted experiments and discovered that while grounded to Earth's Energy, our bodies heal and thrive -- and that man made EMFs do not effect us or our health when we are in this resonance. Her Earth Calm products ground us more deeply to the electromagnetic field of the Earth with great benefits to our health.

Jean's health problems have dissipated, and others too have experienced similar benefits using EarthCalm products. She invites you to explore the physical and psychological benefits of living without the stresses of EMF radiation on yourself, your family, your pets, and your livlihood.

EarthCalm's geometric Circuits are handmade in the U.S. and have no apparent carbon footprint. EarthCalm products do not leach toxic chemicals. No toxins or other harmful pollutants are released into the air or waste system by EarthCalm circuit production. All circuit trash is salvaged for our in-house art projects (abstract insects, shapes and portraits).

All Earth Calm products come with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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