Elderberry Elixir

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Elderberries have been used for years to enhance the immune system. Many individuals take it on the first signs of a cold or flu. We say why wait until then? Consider ingesting a half a dropper a day to avoid these issues and many others. Infused with the phase of the full moon until the new moon and lots of love and good vibes.
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Joyce WheelerJoyce has been living a happy, healthy natural life since 2012. Her desire is to bring her knowledge and products that will help others lead this lifestyle.

In 2012 she started blogging about living a natural lifestyle. She also did a lot of research on various topics to deal with health issues naturally. This was done by studying herbs, crystals, essential oils and our natural vibrational frequency. It was during this same year she began formulating her own skin care products. During 2014 she became a freelance writer on this topic for a year. Come 2015 she started a natural living magazine which she wrote for and also published. At the same time she started a weekly podcast on the topic as well. While she did this for a year the magazine and podcasts are still available to those who wish to access them via her website. In October 2017 she earned her certificate to formulate natural skin care products using plant based ingredients. The two part exam she took allowed her to formulate a full skin care regimen for 3 fictitious clients. She loves to formulate custom products for individuals as it is part of her helping nature. All the ingredients used in formulating are certified organic, wild crafted or known to not be harmful to the body.

The branding for her business is cruelty free, natural, affordable, quality products.

2 oz blue cobalt glass bottle with dropper


Certified organic Elderberries Certified organic Vodka Certified organic Cinnamon sticks Local honey


No returns.
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Why Buy Woman Made Products? 
Studies show that when resources are directed toward the women, everyone benefits! Gender equality is crucial for conservation, sustainable development, and equitable benefit sharing. Women green entrepreneurs make informed choices and negotiate outcomes that balance biodiversity, conservation, and human development needs. 
10,000 years ago, we women developed agriculture based on our menstrual connection to lunar cycles.  Our passion and dedication is to “Woman-Identified Sustainable Development,” putting women and our lifelong experiences back at the center of development strategies. 
GreenWomanStore.com is woman owned, operated, and financed. 


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