EcoFeminism and the Sacred by Carol J. Adams

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A multicultural anthology of writings by women that provide vital insights into the causes of current environmental crises, and important recommendations for addressing them.


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"Basically, for as long as I have been an adult, I have been an advocate, an activist, someone trying to figure out how do we transform this d*#! world that is built on inequality." Carol J. Adams

ecofeminism and the sacred by carol j. adamsEcofeminism and the Sacred by Carol J. Adams.

A multicultural anthology that is a thoughtful contribution to an evolving body of analysis and action. Carol Adams has gathered writings by women that provide vital insights into the causes of current environmental crises, ecofeminist spirituality, and important recommendations for addressing them. ISBN 9780826406675.

Table of Contents:

Revisioning Religion

- Rosemary Radford Ruether: Ecofeminism: Symbolic and Social Connections of the Oppression of Women and the Domination of Nature
- Delores S. Williams: Sin, Nature, and Black Women's Bodies
- Catherine Keller: Talk about the Weather: The Greening of Eschatology
- Stephanie Kaza: Acting with Compassion: Buddhism, Feminism, and the Environmental Crisis
- Judith Plaskow: Feminist Judaism and Repair of the World
- Sallie McFague: An Earthly Theological Agenda
- Lina Gupta: Ganga: Purity, Pollution, and Hinduism

Envisioning Ecofeminism

- Karen J. Warren: A Feminist Philosophical Perspective on Ecofeminist Spiritualities
- L. Teal Willoughby: Ecofeminist Consciousness and the Transforming Power of Symbols
- Ellen Cronan Rose: The Good Mother: From Gaia to Gilead
- Andy Smith: For All Those Who Were Indian in a Former Life
- Gloria Feman Orenstein: Toward an Ecofeminist Ethic of Shamanism and the Sacred
- Shamara Shantu Riley: Ecology Is a Sistah's Issue Too: The Politics of Emergent Afrocentric Afrowomanism

Embodying Ecofeminist Spiritualities

- Carol Lee Sanchez: Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral: The Sacred Connection
- Jane Caputi: Nuclear Power and the Sacred: Or Why a Beautiful Woman Is Like a Nuclear Power Plant
- Rebecca Johnson: New Moon Over Roxbury: Reflections on Urban Life and the Land
- Charlene Spretnak: Earthbody and Personal Body as Sacred
- Byllye Avery and Mary E. Hunt: Natural Resources
- Carol J. Adams and Marjorie Procter-Smith: Taking Life or "Taking on Life"? Table Talk and Animals
- Zoe Weil: Ecofeminist Education: Adolescence, Activism, and Spirituality

carol j adams author of the politics of meatCarol J. Adams worked to bring women’s studies courses to the University of Rochester in the early 1970s, and struggled to find a way to express feminist ideas in her papers for college. She protested the Vietnam War, did field work at the New Haven Women’s Liberation Center and in an abortion clinic at Yale Medical School where she was the day Roe v. Wade was announced by the Supreme Court.

In l974, she had the opportunity to dress up as Susan B. Anthony and read the speech she gave at the Liberty Bell in 1876. Carol was moved by the sense of historical connection to feminist activists from the past, like Anthony and Stanton, and how we were still working to liberate women from inequality. During the late 70s and through most of the 80s, she was Executive Director of the Chautauqua County Rural Ministry, Inc., in Dunkirk, New York, an advocacy and service not-for-profit agency addressing issues of poverty, racism, and sexism.

With her partner, she started a Hotline for Battered Women. She served as Chairperson of the Housing Committee of the New York Governor's Commission on Domestic Violence, co-ordinated a suit against a city for racism in its housing practices. Then she began writing what became The Sexual Politics of Meat.

Carol lives near Dallas with her partner and their dog Holly, and continues her feminist-vegan writing.

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