eco themed tee for men, theme - self centered

Eco Themed 'Self-Centered' Tee for Men by Positive Energy

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Eco Themed Tee: Self-Centered - When in doubt, center. View challenges as an opportunity for growth. Wear a Better Story Line Front & Back! Organic Cotton. Made in U.S. Sizes Small to X-Large.

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Eco Themed Tees & Awareness Apparel for Men
Organic T-Shirts Made with 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton 

Wear a Better Story Line Front and Back! Positive Energy +E Themed Tees serve as reminders to make important mindful differences each and every day. Spreading Awareness about local, global, environmental, and social issues that need our attention. Every eco themed t-shirt purchase aids important charities around the world.

Eco Theme: Self- Centered - When in doubt, center - Day-to-day living creates physiological responses that throw our bodies, minds, and souls off balance. The constant bombardment of external information, images and sounds negatively affect how we think and act. Learning how to stay centered in a busy world can bring balance, harmony, and peace to our lives. 
What we can do - Filter what you allow inside your head. Develop self-awareness through yoga and meditation. View challenges as an opportunity for growth. Set boundaries and say “no” when necessary. Focus on your goals and have faith you will achieve them. Eat the right foods. Get proper sleep and exercise. Practice positive thinking. Assess what is important to you and spend more time and energy on those areas.
Return Policy: Undamaged, unworn, and unopened tees with tags still attached will be accepted for return within 5 days of the item being received by customer. Please contact our Customer Care here for instructions.
Joan-Maloney-Hollis-Positive Energy organic tee shirtsJoan Maloney and her daughter, Hollis, founded +E Positive Energy to create socially conscious products that Invoke Change in the world around us through Awareness. Sustainable apparel, ethical sourcing, social good, and preserving the environment. Driven by ecological and social responsibility, with a strong belief in being the positive change they want to see in the world through the way they run their company.
Positive Energy +E is "Capitalism with a Conscience." They consider how materials are sourced, value the human component of the supply chain, and invoke change within the apparel industry.

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