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Eco Themed Organic Baby Tees by Positive Energy

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Themed Baby Tees: Dirty - Air Pollution. Local - Our Unique Communities. Wet - Safe Water Supply. Wild - Wildlife. Organic Infant Apparel. Wear a Better Story Line Front & Back! Size 3 to 18 months.

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Eco Themed Infant Apparel
Made in America using 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton

Wear a Better Story Line Front and Back! Positive Energy +E Themed Onesies serve as reminders to make important mindful differences each and every day. Spreading Awareness about local, global, environmental, and social issues that need our attention. Every eco themed t-shirt purchase aids important charities around the world.
eco theme Baby Dirty Tee Eco Themed Tee: Dirty - Air Polution - Air Pollution - Today's air contains noxious gases like sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen, specks of coal dust, rubber and a lot more. The pollution is making us sick and impairing our vital organs. The impact is most severe on children, the elderly, and those with respiratory problems. Air pollution does millions of dollars worth of damage to agricultural crops. It also kills trees and obscures visibility.
What We Can Do - Urge Congress to support the Clean Air Act. Use alternate forms of transportation including walking, bicycles and public transit. Pay attention to what you release into the environment. Support alternative forms of energy sources.
eco-theme-baby-tee-local-frontEco Themed Tee: Local - Our Unique Communities - Investing in our individual communities has become more difficult as nationally owned companies crowd out local businesses. There are many benefits of buying and hiring locally. Re-circulating money throughout the community. Creating a distinctive character for the community with one-of-a-kind businesses. Reducing environmental impact. Creating local jobs and providing a solid location where people are likely to stay and settle. 
What We Can Do - Think local first. Search the web and local print media for neighborhood shops and become a regular. Purchase produce, flowers, gifts and more at farmer’s markets and produce stands. Encourage small business growth by patronizing them and referring them to others. Support community groups and non-profits in your area

eco-theme-baby-tee-wetEco Themed Onesie: Wet - Safe Water Supply - More than one billion people lack access to a safe supply of drinking water. Water-related diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. This killer takes the lives of more than 14,000 people each day and is responsible for 80% of all sickness in the world. 

What We Can Do - Urge Congress to make clean water a priority. Support Safe Water projects in your community. Raise awareness in your locale. Learn about the impact of unsafe drinking water on lives. Consider making presentations to local civic groups, churches and schools. 
eco-theme-baby-tee-wild-Eco Themed Onesie: Wild - Wildlife Preservation - It is our responsibility to protect our environment, both the flora and the fauna. Saving species, plants and land not only helps protect precious natural resources, it also ensures the preservation of life.
What We Can Do - Send a message to our elected officials that you support The Endangered Species Act. It is our nation's most important safety net for wildlife, plants, and fish that are on the brink of extinction. Pay attention to national elections and learn what your elected officials stand for. Remember that you can make a difference. 
Return Policy: Undamaged, unworn, and unopened tees with tags still attached will be accepted for return within 5 days of the item being received by customer. Please contact our Customer Care here for instructions.
Joan-Maloney-Hollis-Positive Energy organic tee shirtsJoan Maloney and her daughter, Hollis, founded +E Positive Energy to create socially conscious products that Invoke Change in the world around us through Awareness. Sustainable apparel, ethical sourcing, social good, and preserving the environment. Driven by ecological and social responsibility, with a strong belief in being the positive change they want to see in the world through the way they run their company.
Positive Energy +E is "Capitalism with a Conscience." They consider how materials are sourced, value the human component of the supply chain, and invoke change within the apparel industry.

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