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Feminism Telesummit with Dr. Mana Kasongo-Robinson - African & African American Health

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"You Can Follow Your Dream and Be Useful," says Dr. Mana Kasongo. Born in the Congo, she impacts individual lives by following the call to where she is needed and wanted. With degrees in Journalism and Medicine, she practices Advocacy Journalism and Emergency Medicine. She talks about Ebola, HIV/AIDS, home healthcare, and the importance of a national healthcare infrastructure and "Medical Minutes."

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Dr. Mana Kasongo-Robinson - African and African American Health

Listen to our conversation with Dr. Robinson below:

 "You Can Follow Your Dream and Be Useful"

Dr. Mana Kasongo-Robinson in KenyaDr. Mana Kasongo impacts individual lives by following the call to where she is needed and wanted. She is a nationally published journalist and writer and Medical Doctor. Mana believes in advocacy journalism and speaking for people who have no voice, and practices Emergency Medicine as the best way to get involved immediately in people's lives.

- Mana co-founded the Black Star Daily News, a news source known around the world for focusing on stories of people not covered in the daily news.

- Once you're in ER, the healthcare system has failed. Mana is often the first person to intervene and inform her patients.

- Home Healthcare Visits are the best way to change lives.

- HIV/AIDS outreach has been good in rural Kenya because they have a working healthcare infrastructure.

- Congo has never been a stable environment politically, and is not yet.

- Ebola is a concern in politically unstable places with no infrastructure. Malaria is still an issue.

There is not enough funding or focus on mental health anywhere, but there is more openness in the U.S. vs. Kenya. The result is disfunction and anger within families, and sad children who are inwardly focused. People cannot discuss mental health when living on $.42 a day.

There is better baseline health in Africa than in some U.S. communities. High Blood Pressure and Diabetes meds are not necessary in Kenya. Parasites and communicable diseases are the problem, not the chronic health problems we have in the U.S.

Dr. Kasongo was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Journalism from the Columbia School of Journalism, she co-founded the Black Star News, a weekly investigative newspaper in New York City focusing on news that addresses critical issues affecting African and African American communities.

Dr. Kasongo went on to receive her medical degree and is currently an attending physician at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany, Georgia. Mana also does community liaison and prevention work as a news correspondent doing one-minute radio spots called "Medical Minutes." She is interested in healthcare here in the United States and in developing countries.

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