Collapsible 3 Piece Cresbi Crate Storage Set by Sun Sugar Farms

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No more plastic bags! You get 3 Crates, 1 Convenience Made-in-America Strap,  Plus 1 FREE Heavy Duty Thermal Insert! Available in 2 Sizes. 

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Collapsible 3 Piece Cresbi Crate Storage Set

You Get 3 Crates & 1 Convenience Strap , Plus 1 FREE Heavy Duty Thermal Insert. CRESBI systems are the most clever crate out there!

Use Cresbi Crates for Everything!

The CRESBI benefits: (Assorted Colors)

  • SAVE THE EARTH - One CRESBI crate can replace up to 6 plastic bags.
  • AVOID THE HASSLE OF RECYCLING PLASTIC BAGS No need to recycle with Cresbi!
  • AVOID GERMS ON QUICK TRIPS - You don’t have to use the store’s.
  • SAVE TIME AT THE CHECKOUT - Put your barcodes facing up as you shop.
  • SAVE YOUR PRODUCTS - No more free range cans, bruised fruit, or crushed bread.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE &, SAVES SPACE - Stackable CRESBI crates can be used for CSAs, potlucks, camping...
  • THERMAL PROTECTION INCLUDED - Custom- fit cooler insert to keep foods hot or cold.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, DISHWASHER SAFE - Kill 99% of bacteria by washing CRESBI crate in In very hot water
  • FITS ALL GROCERY CARTS - Light and sturdy, plus they fit into every grocery cart.
  • Linda Fritz is a communty-minded woman farmer. Sun Sugar Farms is a 100% woman-owned business and supports many nonprofit organizations including schools and food pantries.


STANDARD SIZE: 3 Piece CRESBI Grocery Set...$49.95

3 standard CRESBI crates

1 strap with swivel hooks

1 heavy duty thermal insert with hot/cold gel pack (free upgrade from lightweight one!)

1 heavy poly canvas carry bag


• Dimensions open: 15"W x 10"D x 8"H (38 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm)
• Dimensions collapsed: 15" W x 10"D x 1.75" H (38 cm x 25 cm x 4 cm)
• Weight: 1 pound (0.5 kg)
• Weight limit: 20 pounds (9 kg)
• Capacity 16.9Q (16 L or 4 gallons)


COLOSSAL SIZE: 3 Piece CRESBI Grocery Set..$59.95

3 colossal size CRESBI crates

1 strap with swivel hooks

1 heavy duty thermal insert with hot/cold gel pack (free upgrade from lightweight one!)

1 heavy poly canvas carry bag

• Dimensions open: 17"W x 12"D x 10"H (43 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm),
• Dimensions collapsed: 17" W x 12"D x 2.5" H (43 cm x 30 cm x 6 cm)
• Weight: 2 pounds (0.9 kg)
• Weight limit: 20 pounds (9 kg)
• Capacity 33.8 Q (32 L)


Linda Fritz is an engineer, homemaker, ad agency business owner, farmer and eco-warrior. In 2012, Linda Fritz set out to tackle the issue of grocery bag waste. The average American uses 500 plastic grocery bags per year, and most cheap reusable bags cannot be recycled. As Linda was transporting her sustainably-grown edamame to market in reusable produce bins she came up with the idea of the CRESBI crate system to replace both types of bags. And since a single CRESBI crate can replace up to 6 plastic bags, one of her multi-pack systems will eliminate ever needing another bag again. Besides repurposing reusable bags into place mats and pet rugs to keep them from landfills, Linda is also designing a new patent-pending Sustainable Produce Container made of cardboard for her cherry tomatoes and for other produce farmers. She also has many videos on her youtube channel she's made for anti-littering campaigns and being green in general. Linda loves playing sports, being outdoors, and hanging out with her pets and family. 

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Why Buy Woman Made Products? 
Studies show that when resources are directed toward the women, everyone benefits! Gender equality is crucial for conservation, sustainable development, and equitable benefit sharing. Women green entrepreneurs make informed choices and negotiate outcomes that balance biodiversity, conservation, and human development needs. 
10,000 years ago, we women developed agriculture based on our menstrual connection to lunar cycles.  Our passion and dedication is to “Woman-Identified Sustainable Development,” putting women and our lifelong experiences back at the center of development strategies. is woman owned, operated, and financed. 


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