Preventing Cancer with Connie Engel - The Science of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is 5 different diseases. Focus on chemicals and radiation. How you can reduce your risk. Mamography alternatives. Low-dose exposures. Cosmetics without cancer. Questioning BPA alternatives. Working to stop this disease before it starts. 

Preventing Cancer with Connie Engle
The Science of Breast Cancer




Connie Engel is Senior Manager of Science Translation at the Breast Cancer Fund, now under it's new name: Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. BCPP works to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease.

Breast cancer is multiple diseases with 5 different sub types, genetic charastics, and prognosis. Breasts begin developing in utero and can be effected by a mother's exposures to environmental chemicals and radiation that can set children up for a higher risk of breast cancer later in life.  

Focus on 2 Types of Chemicals: Carcinogens and Endocrine/Hormone Disruptors in pesticides, plastics, cleaning and personal care products.

Focus on Radiation: Ionizing Radiation includes X-Rays, CT Scans, Mamography, Atomic Bombs and Radon.

Mamography Alternatives: Ultra Sound and MRIs are non-invasive, no radiation risk and pretty effective.

Low-dose exposures: Hormone Disruptors like Flame Retardants which are mostly phased out of new products, but remain in products we keep for a long time like furniture and mattresses, so the household dust is a continuing low dose exposure. Solution: Wash your family's hands frequently, but do not use Anti-Bacterial Soaps with Triclosan -- another hormone disruptor!

"Cosmetics Without Cancer" - BCF's Campaign for Safe Cosmetics focused on chemicals linked to cancer, breast cancer, and other health effects.

"Cans Not Cancer" - Questioning BPA Alternatives. 

Market shifts raise the ceiling giving us safer options. Laws raise the floor so  that everyone is protected and exposures to toxins are reduced.

BCF Success Stories: Getting BPA out of Campbells Soup cans, and Johnson & Johnson commiting to safer cosmetics worldwide. BCF is working to stop this disease before it starts. 

 Below is Connie's BCF video where she goes room by room to give tips and tools for reducing your cancer risk: 


BCPP Study Group Recordings


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