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Ambassador Program

We appreciate you!

You’re already sharing all the amazing products with family and friends so why not earn a little extra cash for doing so?! When you register, you’ll receive a unique link that earns you 10% commission sitewide (except for products listed as “Affiliate Products”). By sharing, you’re not only helping us, but you’re also helping every female vendor, entrepreneur, and artisan working towards a sustainable future and a healthy planet.

How to Apply


Once your application is received, it will be reviewed for approval. Upon approval you will receive notification and additional details for getting started.

Payouts are on the 1st Monday of every month via Paypal or mailed check.


What if I’m already a vendor on Green Woman Store?

Awesome! You can still sign up as an Ambassador to help other vendors on the site. We believe in collaboration and co-creation, not competition. If you’re concerned that a customer would navigate away from your site before completing a purchase, your unique Ambassador link can be embedded on your customer’s electronic receipt with something like, “Looking for more green products? Take a peek at for hundreds of women made, fair trade, green products.” (Of course, you’ll want to hyperlink with your unique link!) If you blog, you can link to a specific product that is relevant to your article (provided you don’t already distribute that type of product). You can even send an email inviting them over to browse. The possibilities are endless and serve to help you grow along with us.

What if I’ve never purchased from Green Woman Store?

Well, that’s okay! Purchases aren’t necessary and as long as you are passionate about our cause, you’ll still be helping us grow and earning for yourself, too! Join us and together we’ll rise!

How long do I earn from a customer?

You’ll only earn from a customer’s first purchase from your unique link. Encourage all of your referrals to continue using your unique link and you can continue to earn from them. We do have a cool feature though – if a referral adds items to their shopping cart but does not complete the purchase, if they come back to complete it within 30 days, you still earn that commission!

How much can I earn?

There’s no limit on the amount you can earn each month. A sale is a sale. The amount you make each month is dependent on you. We do have a minimum payout of $20.

Can I receive a payout more than once a month?

At this time we only offer monthly payouts because…accounting. It can get pretty messy as we do manual payouts. Our platform automatically calculates and tracks orders and commissions from your links and we’ll share that with you when we send payment. If you have special circumstances and need early payout please contact Customer Care.

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