EarthCalm Quantum Cell Phone Radiation Protection

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The Quantum Cell protects your health with EMF radiation protection on laptops, tablets, cell phones, vehicles, cordless home phones, etc. Works on all levels of iPhones, Smart Phones, and Cordless Phones. Great for your auto too! Grounds you to Earth's Energy so that man made EFM radiation does not harm you. Measures 1” x 2” x 1 mm high. 

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green woman on cellProtect your health and nervous system from EMF Radiation. The Quantum Cell is designed for use on all wireless devices such as your laptops, tablets, cell phones, vehicles, and Cordless Phones. Includes all Smart Phones and iPhones. Measures 1” x 2” x 1 mm high. Fits flat against your Cell Phone and inside your case.

Attach the Quantum Cell to the outside of the battery case of your Cell Phone as shown above. For cordless phones, attach it to the transmitting base, near where the telephone wire is plugged in. All handsets and auxiliary bases in your home are protected with one Quantum Cell on the transmitting base.  

Protect yourself and passengers while driving by placing one on the dashboard of your car. Especially important for newer cars with lots of electronics built in.

We recommend the Home EMF Protection System as a first step for Electro-Sensitive people. This is so you can get used to the strength of EarthCalm technology. If you are very sensitive, it is important to first protect yourself from the frequencies emanating from the A/C lines and appliances in your home or office.

EarthCalm EMF Protection Devices

How does EarthCalm Technology Work?

EarthCalm products provide EMF protection through strengthening your connection to the earth’s electromagnetic field. This "grounding" causes the dissipation of stress-producing currents coming from man-made EMFs so they can’t harm us.

When using EarthCalm products, you feel like you're out in nature. This "Grounding" allows for the positive flow of energy and information between your body and the earth. The earth’s electromagnetic field is the environment in which your body is meant to live. It’s the field in which our bodies naturally heal and thrive, and the field essential for optimal health.

Some EMF protection products can ground you to the earth’s crust. These can be helpful. But to fully protect yourself from EMFs, it’s necessary to be fully immersed in the earth’s electromagnetic field, not just connected to the surface of the earth. This what EarthCalm products do.

EarthCalm products strengthen your ground to earth's electromagnet field through the use of “geometric circuits” or antennae which mirror the electromagnetic structures found in the earth’s electromagnetic field. They work through the principle of Resonance.

EarthCalm has provided EMF protection devices to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide for over 25 years.

All EarthCalm EMF Protection Products come with a Brochure, Instruction Booklet, and a 90-day money back guarantee.

Here are a few of the health benefits experienced by users of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products: Increased sense of calm and relaxation, a deeper and more refreshing sleep, greater resilience to flus and colds, a reduction of pain, increased mental clarity and performance, more energy and increased vitality, an a greater ability to handle stress.

Returns: All EarthCalm EMF Protection Products come with a 90-day money back guarantee. Please return your product to Green Woman Store, P.O. Box 234173, Leucadia, CA 92023. 

EarthCalm technology explained by inventor Jean GallickListen to Jean Gallick, inventor of EarthCalm Products,
talk about EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) and the human body here. 

Jean Gallick Earth Calm Founder

Jean Gallick invented EarthCalm EMF Protection technology in an effort to improve her chronic ill health and the health of others.  She, and many others, were plagued with a long assortment of health problems with no clear causality referred to as "Environmental Illness." Jean tore apart two houses before discovering that eliminating formaldehyde, perfumes, detergents, etc, were only part of what was necessary for optimum health.

Jean Gallick TreeJean learned that EMFs were a huge contributing factor to her own and other's chronic health problems. With a background in experimental psychology and scientific methodology, Jean conducted experiments and discovered that while grounded to Earth's Energy, our bodies heal and thrive -- and that man made EMFs do not effect us or our health when we are in this resonance. Her Earth Calm products ground us more deeply to the electromagnetic field of the Earth with great benefits to our health.

Jean's health problems have dissipated, and others too have experienced similar benefits using EarthCalm products. She invites you to explore the physical and psychological benefits of living without the stresses of EMF radiation on yourself, your family, your pets, and your livlihood.

EarthCalm's geometric circuits are handmade in the U.S. and have no apparent carbon footprint. EarthCalm products do not leach toxic chemicals. No toxins or other harmful pollutants are released into the air or waste system by EarthCalm circuit production. All circuit trash is salvaged for our in-house art projects (abstract insects, shapes and portraits).

Returns: All EarthCalm EMF Protection Products come with a 90-day money back guarantee. Please return your product to Green Woman Store, P.O. Box 234173, Leucadia, CA 92023. 

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