Carol by Patricia Highsmith (Previously, The Price of Salt)

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Now a major motion picture. Therese and Carol fall in love and set out across the United States. Based on a true story from Highsmith's own life. Includes an afterword by Patricia Highsmith. Previously titled The Price of Salt. Paperback.

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Carol by Patricia Highsmith, Previously titled The Price of Salt. Now a major motion picture.
Carol is a brilliantly written story that may surprise Highsmith fans and will delight those discovering her work.

Based on a true story from Highsmith's own life, Carol tells the riveting drama of a stage designer trapped in a department store day job, whose routine is forever shattered by a gorgeous epiphany. The appearance of Carol Aird, a customer who comes in to buy her daughter a Christmas toy changes everything. Therese begins to gravitate toward the alluring suburban housewife, who is trapped in a marriage as stultifying as Therese's job.

Therese and Carol fall in love and set out across the United States. Ensnared by society's confines and the imminent disapproval of others, yet emboldened by their infatuation.

Patricia Highsmith's story of romantic obsession may be one of the most important, but still largely unrecognized, novels of the twentieth century. First published in 1952 and touted as "the novel of a love that society forbids," the book soon became a cult classic. This authorized edition includes an afterword by Patricia Highsmith. Previously titled The Price of Salt. 

Includes an afterword by Patricia Highsmith. ISBN 978-0-393-35268-9.

Patricia Highsmith, author of more than 20 books, died in Switzerland in 1995.
Her literary archives are maintained in Berne.

Patricia was born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1921, and spent much of her adult life in Switzerland and France. She was educated at Barnard College where she studied English, Latin, and Greek. Her first novel was a major commercial success and was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock. Despite this early recognition, Highsmith was unappreciated in the United States for the entire length of her career.

Writing under the pseudonym of Clare Morgan, she published The Price of Salt in 1953, which had been turned down by her previous American publisher because of its exploration of homosexual themes. Her most popular literary creation was Tom Ripley. The Talented Mr. Ripley has helped bring about a renewed appreciation of Patricia Highsmith’s work in the U.S.

Patriia Highsmith has won the O. Henry Memorial Award, the Edgar Allan Poe Award, Le Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere, and the Award of the Crime Writers’ Association of Great Britain.


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