Feminism Telesummit with Carol J. Adams - The Sexual Politics of Meat

You can get all your protein needs from plant-based foods. No cholesterol in a Vegan Diet. You are eliminating foods that aren't good for you. The U.N. and the USDA recommend moving away from a meat diet. Meat eating has been a way of showing male virility. Women are animalized, and animals are feminized and sexualized in ads and comments. 1/3 of the world's land mass,  40% of U.S. fresh water, and 35% of U.S. dependence on foreign oil is devoted to animal agriculture.

Carol J. Adams on the Sexual Politics of Meat

Vegetarianism is a Boycott! A boycott of cruelty that is envisioning a better way of living in this world. It is liberation and renewal. The personal is political: within our personal choices we are having a political impact.

You can have fun creating vegan meals and being part of a feminist collective resistance, and find that we are engaged in a wonderful world of other people working for social justice -- where you will always learn new recipes! We aren't closing a door on wonderful eating, we're finding new ways.

Develop 10 Basic Vegan Recipes! Enjoy cooking, slicing, and eating a quiet meal rich in plant foods New joys available to everyone. Take B12 supplements and sprinkle Nutritional Yeast on popcorn, salads, breads, and in sauces.

- 6 out of 10 chronic diseases (arterial sclerosis, heart attacks, cancer, osteoporosis...) are associated with the Standard American Diet.

- It's not enough to say that women aren't animals. The oppression is connected and positioned in the same way culturally.

- The environmental impact of dependence on a meat diet is immense. Becoming a vegan has a greater impact on saving the environement than driving a Prius, or shopping local.

Carol J. Adams is a “vegan feminist intellectual,” an author and activist who has pioneered work discussing and addressing domestic violence and harm to animals. While at Yale Divinity School, inspired by a pony, Carol began her consciousness of the connections between feminism and vegetarianism, and between meat eating and male dominance. Eating vegan food replenishes her commitment to her work and heals her heart on a daily basis.

"We must extend care beyond the human family, recognizing that injustice can happen to beings that are not human. We must liberate our view of ourselves and see ourselves as embedded within a world that is so much wider than that of just human beings."

See several of Carol's books below.

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