Bury Me When I'm Dead by Cheryl A. Head

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Detroit Private Investigator, Charlene Mack, is courageous, compassionate and cunning. She also happens to be African-American. Paperback. Mystery. 

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 Bury Me When I'm Dead by Cheryl A. Head

Charlene “Charlie” Mack runs one of the most respected private investigation firms in Detroit. Not bad for a smart and savvy black woman struggling with her sexual orientation and a mother with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

When Charlie and her team of investigators head to Birmingham, Alabama, what should be a routine investigation turns into a complex chase for answers, a double murder, shady locals, and a southern patriarch with dark secrets dating back forty years. When Charlie is attacked on a quiet neighborhood street, the case suddenly becomes personal and potentially deadly.

It seems like everyone has a secret to hide, including Charlie.

Paperback. ISBN 978-1-61294-0-67-0

Cheryl A. Head is originally from Detroit, and now lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., where she navigates a successful career as a writer, television producer, filmmaker, broadcast executive and media funder.

Her interests are eclectic, but diversity themes are foundational in her writing. She regularly consults on a wide range of diversity issues.

When not writing fiction, Cheryl is a passionate blogger and user of Twitter.





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