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Professor Bonnie Morris – Women’s Role in Sustaining Civilization

 “The Sustainability success story is that Feminists have succeeded in making it mainstream to take Women’s Studies because it’s offered in thousands of  schools and in forty or more countries around the world.” Dr. Bonnie Morris

Case Studies:

– The education of women and girls as a tool for empowering entire communities.

– Mainstreaming women’s history as heritage everyone should know.

– How learning about their foremothers empowers young women and teaches men to respect women.

Plus stories about Gerda Lerner, Islandic Vagina Monologues, Kay Gardner, Ubaka Hill, MichFest, the Women’s Music Movement, Fidel Castro, Chris Williamson’s lullaby at the Temple of Diana, the Golden Age of Lesbianism, and the “Treasure Hunts” of the past to recover women’s history.

Host: Lesbian Playwright, Performer, and author, Carolyn Gage.

bonnie morris feminism as sustainability tool telesummit

Bonnie Morris a Professor, Award Winning Author, Poet and Performer. She is the author of eleven books, including “Revenge of the Women’s Studies Professor,” and “Eden Built by Eves,” and “Women’s History for Beginners.”

Bonnie was the first graduate to complete American University’s then, new minor in Women’s Studies. After earning her PhD, she taught one of the first-ever graduate seminars on Jewish women’s history at Harvard.

Professor Morris joined the women’s studies faculty at George Washington University in 1994, and at Georgetown in 1996. She teaches Women and Western Civilization, Gender and Athletics, Women and War, and Introduction to Women’s Studies.

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