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Art and Culture

Surfacing by Terrea BennettWomen’s Art is primary to women’s culture, anciently and in our contemporary green and healthy lifestyles.  Women scholars have researched the millennia of rich contributions women have made to the art world, much of which has been undiscovered until now.

Sudie Rakusin Blank Dream JournalAt GreenWomanStore, we interpret much of women’s creativity as art.  Art in her widest exploration.  Art as culture, art as significant and essential to our lives.

Lavelle Foos Fute MusicAs you gaze through our Art & Culture pages, experience the beauty and joy of wholeness!  You may even find pieces of your Self expanding and realizing that this world of women’s Art lives inside you, and that your culture is a woman’s culture, central to all ancient and living civilizations, recognized or not.

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