Andes Apparel 100% Peruvian Alpaca Scarves - Handmade

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100% Peruvian Alpaca, original design. Handcrafted by the most talented Chilean craftswomen who receive fair and decent wages. Lightweight, very soft, warm, hypoallergenic. 

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Andes Apparael, producer of the finest quality 100% Peruvian Alpaca Scarves.
Handmade, original designs, sustainable, and eco-friendly.
Andes Apparel Alpaca ScarvesOur fine Alpaca fiber is extremely soft, equal to and surpassing that of Angora and Cashmere wools. Three times stronger and warmer than sheep's wool.
100% Alpaca Clothing is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
100% Alpaca knitwear is lightweight and warm, while extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.
100% Alpaca knitwear has a wonderful visual appearance due to the great natural brilliance of Alpaca fiber.
Andes Apparel Alpaca Yarn ScarvesOur scarves are made from 100% Natural Alpaca fiber with the added value of being handmade and non-polluting to the environment in their manufacture. We care about our planet, all our products are biodegradable.
All our products are made from 100% fine Alpaca fiber from Peru, South America. The fiber is 100% natural, containing no synthetic fiber blends.
All our products are handmade by the most talented Chilean craftswomen, who receive fair trade wages.
Andes Apparel Peruvian AlpacaPaulina Urzua put an ad in her Chilean newspaper for knitters. The first response was answered by 250 Chilean women. She chose the very best, and the result is quality products and good relationships.
“Our scarves are all handmade with the finest Alpaca fiber from Peru by the most talented Chilean craftswomen who receive fair, descent and just wages. We employ many women knitters. The company is managed and worked by women only. Investment partners are my father and brother. They do not make profits.”
We focus on high quality apparel, using the finest materials, designs and craftsmanship. Andes Apparel is located in Chile, South America, with an office in the State of Virginia, USA.

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