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Our Herstory

We are all about empowering consumers and women entrepreneurs, Connected Consumerism.  We are building a company that empowers consumers as well as women entrepreneurs. At Green Woman Store, we want to empower women who have great ideas and exciting products at all levels of their business life, while at the same time helping consumers feel that they are are connected to community, earth friendly manufacturing, ethical business practices, fairness and fair trade — where every purchase feels good and safe for our families and our environment.

We love supporting women’s small businesses as well as women’s mid to large sized companies who are contributing to the ever growing green products revolution.  We love women’s minds, our sustainable solutions, the way we are connected to the earth, and how women share. As research tells us, when the resources are directed toward the women, everyone benefits!

Shopping at Green Woman Store changes women’s lives. Be assured that when you buy products from us, you are supporting women, families, earth, fair trade and ethical business practices. Brava, Connected Consumerism!  Spread the word. If you know a green woman entrepreneur, send her our way. Our goal is to provide scholarships to send women entrepreneurs and scholars to contribute their experience and expertise at international gatherings on environment, development, and peace.

Where it began…

Genny LaMorgan, Founder
MichFest 2015
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Genny LaMorgan, founder of GreenWomanStore.com

Working with international environment and development strategies, I learned of women’s call around the world for “Market Access.” As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how increasing market access for women promotes sustainability and benefits everyone. And as a consumer, I needed better access to safe and woman sourced products. Green Woman Store is an answer to that call for all of us. Welcome to OUR store!

Listen to the Story of Green Woman Store Here  

Angel Fullerton

In June 2018, Genny LaMorgan passed the baton to Angel Fullerton.

I strive to keep the integrity of Green Woman Store’s mission intact – working diligently to expand market access for women entrepreneurs and bringing awareness to the global community of the importance of sustainability and the vital role of women in it.

Green Woman Store’s Bookseller is one of the few remaining woman owned multicultural feminist bookstores in the U.S. Our Jewelry is designed and crafted by women artisans. Our Art and Women’s Spirituality bring ancient and living traditions to feed your Spirit with ideas and insight. Our Eco-Fashion has the power to create positive change. All of our Beauty and  Healthcare products and make-up are free of artificial and synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates — and they are GMO-free! You will find our naturally sourced sustainable Bedding and Linens to be beautiful, comfortable, and safe for the whole family.

We produce Free Telesummits and Podcast Series on issues important to us as women. We interview Women Experts who we believe are doing important work, and have information to enrich your knowledge of Current Events, Sustainability, Feminism, Spirituality, Health, Finances and Peace.

Green Woman Store is about women supporting women for the benefit of all, reducing poverty by increasing women’s share of world trade, and moving toward a cleaner, greener world for future generations.

“Studies show that when resources are directed toward the women, everyone benefits. Women are relational and our priorities are too. We care and we share. Women are in close relationship with earth’s natural resources, and we innovate sustainably — and everyone benefits!” Genny LaMorgan, Owner, GreenWomanStore.com

We hope our online store will encourage you to support Female Owned Businesses, and inspire you toward Your passion through the diverse, dynamic, and growing range of products being manufactured by female owned businesses. Visit our store, read the stories of women living their passion, and be inspired!

Women determine how $.85 of every consumer dollar is spent! Let’s spend it well by shopping fair trade, green and woman made.

Green Woman Store is woman owned, operated and financed. We are a Triple Bottom Line Company — People, Planet, Profit.

When women around the world are asked what we need, we call out for “Market Access.”  

Green Woman Store is an answer to that call. We are an Internet Marketplace providing Fair Trade Market Access to women artists and entrepreneurs around the world, amplifying our voices, creating better living conditions, and reducing poverty. Sales act like micro-credit loans that don’t have to be paid back, providing consistent yields and self-sufficiency, allowing women to invest in our lives, communities and businesses according to our priorities. We believe that supporting and investing in women’s priorities will change our world in good and sustainable ways. Our Fair Trade Pricing covers the cost of production and facilitates social development and the protection and conservation of the environment.

Are you a Woman Entrepreneur? Contact Us Here

Our Vendor Applicants must be a female entrepreneur or a women-owned business that offers consumer products or services, with full control of the operations of the business. A women-owned business is any business in which more than 50% of the ownership is vested in a woman (or women) and in which a woman (or women) have full or majority control of the operations of the business. Entrepreneurs and business owners must be at least 13 years old.

Our goal is to provide Market Access to women. Our passion and dedication is to “Woman-Identified Sustainable Development,” putting women, our “Menstrual Minds” and lifelong experiences and wisdom back at the center of environment and development strategies. Women are intimately and economically connected to Earth and Her natural resources. We women make informed choices and negotiate outcomes that balance biodiversity, conservation, and human development needs. Gender equality is crucial for conservation, sustainable development, and equitable benefit sharing. Woman-Identified Sustainability benefits everyone. It requires the unique *Menstrual Mind visions, passions, ingenuity and participation of Women. 10,000 years ago, we women developed agriculture based on our menstrual connection to lunar cycles. Our Menstrual Minds are called for again to bring Peace, Balance and Planetary Survival.

*Woman-Identified: “Trusting and giving primary allegiance to women.” Billie Potts

**Menstrual Mind: The unique visions and knowledge a Menstruant (women who menstruate, have menstruated, or will menstruate) contribute to the world bringing balance, wisdom and the much needed sustainability.

See how Green Woman Store uses our share of each sale.

“Investment in women drives social change, leading to economic prosperity in communities. That’s called the ‘women effect’.

It’s very much an extension of socially responsible investing.” Roslyn Dawson Thompson, Dallas Women’s Foundation.

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