$99 November Special: Wellness and Nutrition Coaching Package - Sandi Star HHP, CNC, CCMH

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Fine Tune Your Nutrition and Wellness Goals or start fresh with a personalized nutrition plan. Preventing Cancer Telesummit $99 Special Good through November only! Value $175.

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$99 November Special: Wellness and Nutrition Coaching Package - Sandi Star HHP, CNC, CCMH More Details

Wellness & Nutrition Coaching Package with Sandi Star, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Clinical Master Herbologist, specializing in GI disorders.

If you are interested in fine tuning your nutrition and wellness goals or want to start fresh with a personalized nutrition plan, take advantage of Sandi's Preventing Cancer Telesummit $99 Special! Offer good October and November only!

Offer valued at $175 includes:

- Review intake form to get an assessment of your goals

- Create a wellness plan based on those goals

- 30 minute follow up appointment

Sandi offers the same great Wellness Coaching by Phone or Skype in addition to her Carlsbad, California office.

* If applicable, labs and supplements are additional costs.

LISTEN HERE to Sandi's Podcast on Using Food as Medicine

"I recently had a very bad bout with diverticulitis and was put on potent antibiotics and subsequently got an extreme case of Candida.  Had no energy, was weak, dehydrated and in the kind of pain that can only parallel to birthing a child.  Not to mention I was an emotional wreck.  I made an appointment with Sandi for Thursday.  Upon my arrival she had a glass of mineral water with electrolytes, this was amazing in itself considering my current state.  She helped me out with homeopathic drops for my Candida and placed me on a strict Candida diet.  Explained to me what foods feed on Candida, etc. VERY IMFORMATIONAL.   She also prescribed a daily Probiotic and  DGL Powder with L-Glutamine, amino acid and aloe along with other supporting herbs to help repair my GI.  Along with this she also suggested homeopathic antibiotic spray.  Folks, I kid you not within a day I was on the road to recovery, by Saturday the thick white Candida coating that was on my tongue was all but gone.  Sunday it was completely gone.  I am still on the Candida diet, just because I want to give my intestines more time to heal and repair.  I would highly recommend Sandi for all your health needs.  She is super knowledgeable, extremely caring and just a good person to have on your team! Angelina

sandi star nutritional consultantSandi Star, Holistic Health Pratitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Clinical Master of Herbology. Sandi specializes in GI disorders and nutrition related to disease where a gluten and casein (dairy) free lifestyle is crucial; working with celiac, autism and all auto immune disorders.

Sandi has been gluten and casein free after struggling with IBS, Sjogren's Syndrome (an auto immune disease),Asthma, Fatigue and Migraines. She has a hands on understanding of many health issues and has dedicated her life in helping others reach their optimal health.

Sandi Star, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of Karmic Health.

$99 November Special: Wellness and Nutrition Coaching Package - Sandi Star HHP, CNC, CCMH Reviews

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