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As soon as the days start to have less humidity and the nights are cooler allowing windows to be opened after a long steamy summer it’s like a fresh energy sweeps through my house. It is a charge you can feel enter and stretch to every corner vibrating the air as it brings in Fall’s crisp air and fresh color. It is comforting and recharging after those long lazy days of summer fun. The energy of Fall is a busy energy filled with preparing, organizing, revamping, refreshing, and tidying. It challenges us to hurry just a little in anticipation of colder days and nights where we will want to rest.

The crisper air makes us realize things we have not paid attention to as closely but we are ready to see them. It’s almost like you’ve enjoyed a wonderful break from but now you realize you are ready to tackle them with focus and vigor. Now that the pool water is too cool most days for swimming I realize I’m ready to pack up summer linens and bring out warm quilts to our beds, refresh and change out accessories and bring in some bright Fall colors to our table. Where there were once light and easy colors and accents I now crave to fill space with color, abundance and brightness of rich reds, golds and browns.

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