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 Hunter Lovins - Natural Capitalism SolutionsLean Into Green with Hunter Lovins and her Natural Capitalism Solutions! Hunter has been my Hero since the l980’s when she was working to bring conservation and sustainable development solutions to the U.S. and the world.

Businesses big and small are becoming more profitable by operating sustainably. Hunter Lovins is part of the new direction our world is moving in. She works with businesses, young people in MBA programs, and international environment and development experts to collaborate in education, strategies, and all aspects of sustainability.

Hunter Lovins inspires me because she has been at this work for decades and is now seeing the results of her work: Corporations are becoming less toxic as the public demands safer products. We consumers are educating ourselves for the sake of our health and our family’s longevity.

Thirty years ago, we never imagined that businesses would “Go Green.” and we can thank women like Hunter all around the world who, through their leadership and organizations are doing the work of real heroines

Young inventors are bringing sustainable development solutions we couldn’t have dreamt of in the past. This is one of the most exciting aspects of today’s developments, and Hunter Lovins is right smack in the middle of inspiring and educating young people around the world, and being inspired by them!

Listen to our interview with Hunter and hear how the safest investment is “Green Investment,” and about becoming an “Impact Investor.” Discover an accredited online course where you can learn from the best thought leaders on green development from around the world.

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