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Green World Rising Videos are a series of films aimed at moving the climate debate forward. Viewers can take action with resources, contact elected officials, and spread the word. Enjoy and share the following 4 short videos:


#1 Restoration: How nature can protect the Earth from the harmful effects of climate change and how industrial design and science researchers can learn valuable lessons from natural systems.


#2 Green World Rising: Not just nation shifting solutions, but planetary shifting solutions. Transferring the control of energy resources into the hands of the People: cooperatives, farmers, and individuals who are now providing their own energy and creating solid investments that generate cash flows every month. We can power civilization with existing sustainable technologies.


“People should not have the “freedom” to destroy the planet.
They cannot continue to do that with impunity.”
Bernie Sanders

#3 Carbon causes Climate Change. This video puts a price on Carbon Pollution. Carbon Tax improves energy conservation and cuts out the wastful use of energy. England, Norway, Costa Rica, Finland, The Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, China and Boulder, Colorado have created their own versions of a Carbon Tax. Last year — around the world — more wind power was added than Natural Gas/Fracking. We have got to be bold and aggressive. We need to take it into our own hands, town by town, state by state, toward a new economy and a sustainable future.


#4 Last Hours describes a science-based climate scenario where a tipping point to runaway climate change is triggered by massive releases of frozen methane. Whether methane release comes from humans or volcanic lava flow, the result is the same — Climate Change — and it has happened before on earth. When the sea beds warm, methane is released into the atmosphere. Climate Change is Earth’s self-correcting mechanism.  This video explains when and how this has happened in Earth’s past, and why and how we need to prevent future methane releases.We must create the biggest movement in history — in the most urgent of times.

These short videos provided a real education for me and my family. I hope you enjoy and share them too. Here’s the link to

And here’s a book that explains it all, Genny

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