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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the United Nations were grounded in the InterConnectedness of Women-Identified Sustainability? We have had 8 males, but never a Woman Secretary General of the UN — even though women represent half the world’s population. OUR 9TH SHOULD BE A WOMAN!

So, in 2015, a group of like-minded women came together to launch a campaign to elect a Woman Secretary General of the UN when Ban Ki-moon steps down at the end of 2016.

CAMPAIGN TO ELECT A WOMAN UN SECRETARY-GENERAL – This group represents women from academia and civil society with a long record of engagement with the United Nations. Through an initial series of discussions, they decided that the time had come for a woman to lead the Organization and formed a core planning group to enact a plan of action. It’s time!

The most frequently used excuse for not selecting women for top positions is that there are not enough qualified women to choose from:  No More Excuses!

WOMEN SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UN“Women have long breached the glass ceiling in international organizations – it’s no longer competence vs gender vs geography.” Shazia Rafi, former Secretary-General, Parliamentarians for Global Action 1996-2013. The first woman to serve in this office.

Outstanding Women from Around the World  – A list o women A to Z of candidates for Woman Secretary General of the UN. Before the election of a new UN Secretary-General at the end of 2016, this campaign will roll out a series of biographies of outstanding women to demonstrate the depth and richness of talented and experienced women in high-level positions from all regions of the globe. Follow this link to peer into the list as it grows, and search by region.

Woman of the Week: Ameerah Haq is an expert on U.N. Peace Keeping. She is originally from E. Pakistan, now Bangladesh. She has worked with the UN for 4 decades.

Ms. Haq currently serves as the Vice Chair of the High-Level Independent Panel on Peace. She is the Former Under-Secretary General for Field Support, and Humanitarian Coordinator for Afghanistan 2004 to 2007, and Sudan from 2007 to 2009. Emeerah Haq’s “Woman of the Week” profile here.

Please get to know Ameerah Haq in her own words on U.N. Peace Keeping.

The UN is 70 years old — This is a lifetime. Let us make sure that in the next lifetime of the UN, its leadership includes women of merit and nerve, significantly gifted to make the UN work:

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