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The United Nations is 70 years old. Lets make sure that the next UN leadership includes women of merit and nerve, significantly gifted to make the United Nations work —  It’s time! Join the Campaign to Elect a Woman UN Secretary General.

There have been 8 male Secretaries General, but never a female — though women represent half the world’s population. The current UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, will step down at the end of 2016. You can get involved with this Campaign to elect a woman in 2016.

There are female presidents, prime ministers, chancellors and foreign ministers, distinguished diplomats and others with deep experience in foreign affairs who deserve to be considered.  The excuse that there are not enough qualified women to choose from is no longer valid.

– Add your voice to this Campaign by signing up online:

– Meet the core group launching this campaign, including Charlotte Bunch here!  A group of like-minded women have come together representing academia and civil society with long records of engagement with the UN. These women decided that the time had come for a woman to lead the UN. They welcome others — YOU — to join the campaign. It’s time!

One of the U.S. organizers is Charlotte Bunch. She has been an activist, writer and organizer in the feminist, LGBT, and human rights movements for over forty years. A Distinguished Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies, and a founder of Washington DC Women’s Liberation, The Furies, and Quest: A Feminist Quarterly.

Charlotte, has served on the Board of Directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the MS Foundation for Women, and the Global Fund for Women. She was actively involved in feminist organizing for the 1980 Copenhagen, 1985 Nairobi, and the 1995 Beijing World Conferences on Women, and was the coordinator for the CWGL led Global Campaign for Women’s Human Rights at the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna in 1993. She has been advocating for the creation of UN Women where she serves on the Global Civil Society Advisory Board.

CAMPAIGN TO ELECT A WOMAN UN SECRETARY-GENERALAnother organizer is Shazia Z. Rafi, former Secretary-General of Parliamentarians for Global Action. She was the first woman on the ballot and runner-up finalist for the Inter-Parliamentary Union Secretary-General election. Shazia was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and lives in New York City.

Carolyn Gage interviewed Shazia Rafi on “Diplomacy at the Highest Levels” for our Feminism & Sustainability Telesummit. You can listen to our interview with Shazia here. Shazia talks about her work on Abortion Rights, Environmental Law, and How to Strategize for Change. (Sign Up for the entire Telesummit Here).

Shazia Rafi is a SheSource Women’s Media Center Expert on international security, arms control, international law, international treaties, international women’s rights, international human rights policy and violations, political Islam, Africa, Asia, diplomacy, environment, international issues, Middle East and North Africa, politics and religion.

The next U.N. Secretary General will be chosen by the U.S., Russia, China, England and France. Please contact President Obama: “You must not allow any nomination for U.N. Secretary General to go forward unless the nominations include at least 50% women on the ballot.”

– Call President Obama: 202-456-1111

– Write President Obama: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500.

– Email President Obama:

We’ve learned recently with the TPP, marches on campuses, GMO legislation, etc., that our voices make a difference. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the world — outside our own borders. Our domestic policy mirrors our U.S. foreign policy, so international law effects us greatly. And it’s important for women — as World Citizens — to have a voice at the highest levels. These women workiing at the U.N. are our voices. Let’s support them as they support us!

Give Peace a Chance:) Elect a Woman U.N. Secretary General in 2016! Download the Women for Secretary General Brochure here. 

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