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Good and effective drinking water filter systems can play a vital role in a comprehensive strategy for reducing a person’s exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds found in our local water supplies.

Water Filters and Endocrine Disruptors – Connecting the Dots:

Endocrine disruptors are known to mix up signals in the body and trigger unwanted actions such as increasing production of certain hormones; decreasing production of others; imitating hormones; turning one hormone into another; interfering with hormone signaling; telling cells to die prematurely; competing with essential nutrients; binding to essential hormones; accumulating in organs that produce hormones.

Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block Filters reduce a broad spectrum of harmful contaminants.

If you do not have a water filter, YOU are the water filter!

The Multipure drinking water systems have been certified for the widest range of contaminants.  You are not just getting any water filter, you are getting the best filtration system available on the market today.

We never know when contamination is going to happen.  In the news, we are constantly hearing about pollution in our water.   Having a Multipure in your home will ensure that your family is getting the best quality of water for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, steaming and cooking foods and making beverages like juice, tea and coffee.

The Environmental Working Group has identified 12 noteworthy endocrine disruptors (The Dirty Dozen):

BPA – Multipure NSF 401 Certified for the reduction of BPA
Dioxin – mostly found in food supplies
Atrazine – Multipure NSF 53 Certified for the reduction of Atrazine
Phthalates – Found in plastic food containers, and personal care products
Perchlorate – Multipure RO system NSF 58 certified for the reduction of Perchlorate
Fire Retardants – Multipure NSF 401 certified for the reduction of TCPP, a fire retardant
Lead – Multipure NSF 53 certified for the reduction of Lead
Arsenic – Multipure NSF 53 certified for the reduction of Arsenic
Mercury – Multipure NSF 53 certified for the reduction of Mercury
Perfluorinated Chemicals – No certification available.  Although exposure comes from cookware (and some water resistant products), the carbon block has shown effective at reduction of PFOAs
Organophosphate Pesticides – Multipure NSF 53 certified for some Organophosphate Pesticides such as Carbofuran
Glycol Ethers – exposure from cleaning products, paints and cosmetics

For a detailed contaminant reduction list for Multipure Water Filters, click HERE.      

Your body is 70% – 80% water, doesn’t it deserve the best quality water?

We spend thousands of extra dollars each year for gym memberships, organic fruits and vegetables, foods that are GMO free.  But healthy living has to start with the cleanest water.

Pollution Can Happen anywhere..

The EPA reports that 44% of streams, 64% of lakes and 30% of bays and estuaries are not clean enough for fishing and swimming (let alone drinking)

Bottled water is expensive, of unknown quality and bad for our environment.

Two million tons of plastic bottles end up in landfills each year. The cost of bottled water is about $3.55 per gallon, it’s inconvenient to use, and no one opens bottles of water to cook with or wash fruits and vegetables — it’s just too inconvenient!

MultiPure is your best choice:

MultiPure Water Filter Systems for Above & Below Your Sink.

Just 9 cents per gallon or 19 cents a day! No bottles to store or dispose of.

Easy to use for cooking, washing fruits and veggies and making beverages.

Certified to reduce widest range of contaminants..

New Certification – MultiPure Water Filters reduce Pharmaceuticals from the water like ibuprofen, hormones, deet, and more.


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