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July 11, 2015

Bee Habitat

Here in California alone, we have more than 1,600 native bee species. Bee habitat has become a priority for many home gardeners as agri-business continues to decimate our bee populations.

Dryscaping your outdoor habitat with succulents and native plants not only saves precious water, but creates a more welcoming habitat for bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinators.
california bumble bee
California Bumble Bee

Some species of the North American native bumblebee have declined by more than 95 percent, alongside a massive increase in the use of pesticides.

Here are some helpful tips:
– Avoid pesticides by choosing the right plants. Pests don’t bother drought-tolerant plants as often, and many scented plants are helpful in your garden to keep plant eating pests away. Marigolds, Society Garlic, and many others are beautiful to look at and their scent is helpful in deterring garden pests.
Appalachian Bee
Appalachian Bee

– Minimize the use of insecticides and never spray on open flowers where bees and pollinators are busy doing their daily work.

– Make your garden inviting to birds and they’ll do the job of non-toxic bug-catching for you.
– Plant fragrant plants like lavender, yarrow, salvias, and California lilac to entice and feed pollinators like hummingbirds and bees with their nectar. Monarchs love Milkweed, an endangered plant. So plant Milkweed whenever you can and watch the Monarchs lay their eggs. The cocoon process is educational and thrilling for all ages.
Cape Cod Blueberry Bee
Cape Cod Blueberry Bee

For more information on bee species and how to help them, check out U.C. Berkeley’s Urban Bee Lab’s helpful guide to native and exotic plants that bees love here:

For dryscaping tips on adding drought tolerant succulents to your garden, check out our previous blog here. 

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