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Small-Scale Farms Cool the Planet - new video with Vandana ShivaSmall-scale farmers and conscious consumers can cool the planet! Respect to the seed, the soil, the farmer, and the consumer.

Twenty years ago, working with international environment and development organizations, I learned that small is better, and the truth that small farms feed more people. Now, the Fair World Project has a short video narrated by women, farmers and scientists sharing this not so well known but important science: Small is Better: Small Farms and Regenerative Organic Farming can reverse Climate Change. 

“Organic agriculture produces more food per acre and is the most effective way to deal with climate change. Too much of the climate movement is based on fear. It now needs to move to cultivating hope – Gardens of hope on your balcony not a giant industrial farm.” Vandana Shiva

New! 17-minute documentary with Vandana Shiva: Small Scale Farmers Cool the Planet

  • Photosynthesis and good healthy soil biology can mitigate 100% of current emissions.
  • Industrial agriculture’s role in climate change.
  • How small farmers are combating the climate crisis through regenerative organic agriculture.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy People. What you can do:

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