Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

Water Conservation Tips at Green Woman NewsWater conservation efforts ensure that there will be enough for the future. Outdoor water use typically makes up 50% to 70% of home water use.

Many of us love the summer months and wish we knew more ways to conserve water during droughts and dry seasons. We’ve gathered a few helpful hints here that are easy to do, and easy to remember!

Here are 5 outdoor water conservation tips:

#1 Victory Gardens are back in style! Use your garden water for edible plants.
#2 When your existing inefficient hoses and sprinkler heads need replacing, buy water saving ones. Ask your local family owned nursery or hardware store what options they have available.
#3 In drought areas especially, think about replacing your brown lawns with drought tolerant plants, beautiful rock gardens, and even a vegetable garden so at least your outdoor water use is producing food.
#4 Share the water conservation methods you learn and use with your friends, family, neighbors and landlords. Everyone is willing to join in the efforts to save our planet, most of us just need more information.
#5 Take the “Dirty Car Pledge” and wait 60 days or more — until absolutely necessary!

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Let us know your conservation ideas and tips, and we’ll share them with our readers:)
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