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Feminism A Sustainability Tool - Free Telesummit -

“Women do not want to be mainstreamed into a polluted stream: We want the stream to be clean, clear and healthy.” Bella Abzug, U.S. Senator and co-founder of WEDO (Women’s Environment & Development Organization)

Feminism has facilitated women’s complex experiences, actions, and solutions being examined and treated with the respect they deserve – linking women’s emancipation with the care of the earth.

Women play a major role in managing natural resources in agriculture and animal husbandry, food planning and preparation, forestry and managing the raw materials used in commercial enterprise and in our households.

The growth of Feminism has resulted in the growth of environmental action by women and women’s groups around the world to help tackle the problems of environmental devastation. From the grassroots to international agencies, women’s roles in education and training, family planning and consumption patterns, seed saving and natural resource conservation, and in creating businesses that reflect our socio-environmental values, are among the most important actions to bring about sustainability.

Case Studies from the U.S. & Around the World

In this Telesummit, you will hear from Sustainable Development Experts, Activists, Movement Leaders, Authors, Cultural Theorists, and Common Women making a difference. You will hear case studies, and gain an international and intergenerational perspective on just what it takes to grow a movement that doesn’t leave anyone or anything out. Sustainability means going forward in a way that respects future generations’ ability to live and thrive on Planet Earth.

No matter what you think Feminism is, your understanding will be heightened. You will be strengthened, and your resolve for alliances for the future will be restored as it becomes clear that none of us are alone. 

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