Eco-Friendly Office Tips for a Healthier 8 Hour Work Day

7 Eco-Friendly Office TipsMother’s Day is a great time to integrate some Eco Friendly Office Tips. Here are several simple changes you can make your working experience more Earth-Friendly. If your home is already green, bring some of that earth friendliness to your office and create a less toxic place to spend a large part of your day!

Here are 9 Eco Friendly Office Tips:

1. Install Recycle Bins around your office place encouraging proper disposal of glass, plastic, aluminum, and used batteries and ink cartridges.

2. Conserve Paper Use as much as possible, especially at your copy machine or printer. Set it for two-sided, and email or text what doesn’t need to be printed.

3. Use Green Office Supplies, replacing with eco-friendly products as you make new purchases: LED task lighting (see the video), bamboo pencils, and always used the highest percentage of recycled paper available.

Eco friendly office tips for working moms.4. Reusable Dishware in the Kitchen cuts down on plastic bowls, coffee mugs, plates, and utensils, and encourages colleagues to bring their own. Biodegradable dinnerware is available now also in bulk at money saving prices.

5. Encourage Portable Glass Water Bottles instead of selling bottled water by providing good filtered water for refills.

6. Stock Wax Paper in the Kitchen as well as wax sandwich bags in the kitchen for plastic free, non-toxic food storage.

7. Carpool, Train, Bike & Bus to Work at least two days a week to save money and gas, and reduce air pollution. If we all did it, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 1,600 pounds a year! And think of all the great conversations and friendships you will make with workmates and colleagues. Have a bike rack built at work to encourage this healthy eco-friendly mode of transportation!

8. Create a Sustainabilty Team of office members to research and encourage the greenest office practices possible. Come up with some fun contests and prizes to reward green ideas, eco-friendliness, and friendly competition!

9. Conserve Energy by shutting down computers, monitors, printers, and business cell phones at the end of the day. That means the kitchen too: Unplug those microwaves, coffee makers and toasters!

Happy Mother’s Day! You can enjoy your workplace more when you take steps to make it non-toxic, green, and earth friendly! Organize a “Sustainability Team” to adopt as many of these Eco Friendly Office Tips as you can. Comment below and let us know what you think.


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