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March 21, 2014

8 Reasons to Buy Woman-Owned

All of the products and services sourced through GreenWomanStore.com are provided by women and women-owned companies.

Why buy woman-owned? Here’s our thinking on why it’s important to have a woman-owned focus:Women-owned Businesses

1) Investing in women gives all of us economic strength. By committing to support a woman-owned business, you assure that women-owned products and services continue to thrive.

2) Personal satisfaction. If you’re a woman and you are purchasing from a woman-owned business, you can feel happy, satisfied, and proud that you are assisting another woman.

3) Measurable increase in economic indicators for the people you support. When you purchase from a woman, you help the overall education and stability of her family, including the next generation.

4) Build the marketplace. How often do we ask who provides our products and services? With today’s growing awareness of, and priority placed on, ethically-sourced and local, sustainable, organic businesses, we can all work together to increase how our values are represented.

5) More jobs. Women-owned businesses are an economic engine: they help build jobs and stability in our workforce. Supporting women is a wonderful way to help build our country’s economic success.

6) Beautifully designed. We can always strive to have more beauty, art, and design simplicity in our lives. Let’s look to woman-owned businesses to focus on providing that.

7) Sustainability as a key tenet of production. The business owners in our store, as well as many businesses world-wide, are making more and more effort to produce products and services in a fashion that “treads lightly on the earth.” By purchasing from these businesses, we assure less impact on our precious natural resources.

8) Values. By supporting more women in leadership and in  decision-making positions, we will start to see more values of trust, empathy, collaboration, and equality being reflected in our world.

Decide now to support, or increase your support, of a woman-owned business in your life.

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