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flowersblueFor many of us, the day-to-day routine can cause irritation, pain, anxiety, and sub-optimal body functioning. If we’re hunched over a screen, or standing up with unsupportive shoes, our bodies get into knots and kinks, which often present themselves through health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, or mysterious aches and pains.

If this describes you, yoga may be your bridge to relief, health, and well-being. Just a few minutes of stretching and holding poses each day can do wonders for your breathing, posture, and endorphins. If you’re interested in doing more, you can attend any of the number of local yoga and wellness centers to participate in a class, do a simple search on what’s available in your area, or find instructors through your network of friends.

Yoga is considered a way of life, similar to kali or to kung fu – it is an expression of your innermost being, and a practice that allows you to focus on the current issues in your life, through a lens of clarity, routine, and striving for the right “hold” and the right sense of balance.

Yoga might be your path to fulfillment if you are the type that benefits from a holistic approach to health and you are interested in taking the time to practice it frequently.

We have some excellent resources for your yoga practice in the Green Woman Store:

Don’t forget the opportunity to participate in Baby Yoga (or “Mommy and Me” yoga) – these are great classes and exercises for new moms to bond with their baby and regain some of their poise, strength, balance, and flexibility. Find more about yoga through your gym, health foods store, or local yoga studio.

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