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February 9, 2014

Living “Clean” with Truth, Integrity, and Clarity

Meadow FlowersWith so many influences in our life, you may find it a daily challenge to live in a manner that keeps you happy and healthy. While there is always murkiness, gray areas, and places where you may have “leakage” from toxic, irresponsible, or impure influences, each of us have a new opportunity, every day when we wake up, to live in a more “clean” manner.

Here are three ways that you can think upon, which may help you bring more clarity and a sense of “rightness” to your days.

1) Tell the truth:
It’s so easy for us to tell white lies, to ourselves and others. It’s also a steep slope when we base our entire lives on a mistruth, a half-truth, or a hidden motivation. Be true to yourself, be true to others, and take the time each day to meditate or to gain clarity about your own ability to stay true to your innermost being. When you tell the truth on a regular basis, you no longer feel the need to build up a web of lies, deception, or “fogginess” about your daily interactions in the world.

Make things right by staying on the path of truthfulness. We all make mistakes, we are all capable of good things as well as bad things, and we all experience pain and suffering. It is possible to maintain a cheerful attitude when we acknowledge the issues that have caused us difficulty, then continue on the path of telling the truth about how we feel, what we believe, and why we believe we exist.

2) Maintain integrity:
It is one thing to “greenwash” and it’s another to make daily efforts, no matter how small, towards living a greener life. It is one thing to say positive things, and another to actually act in a positive manner – to let your actions speak louder than your words. It is one thing to behave irresponsibly, damage your spirit or body, blame others, and lash out, and it is another to understand how much your own decisions, actions, and beliefs affect your perception of reality.

Even if you are failing, dealing with destructive influences, or struggling each and every day — do so in a manner where you keep your soul, mind, and body intact instead of tearing yourself apart.  Respect yourself and others, get adequate rest and nutrition, sleep as much as you need, and take daily steps to keep yourself on your desired path. Keep at it — remember that even though we all experience one day at a time, the time we have is more fulfilling (and you like yourself better) when you keep true to yourself.

3) Seek clarity:
We may become confused by the great illusion of the world around us, where false measures of success may make us feel down on ourselves and others. Let’s always remember to meditate on the great gift of our life and the reality that, when you are still alive, you still have a life mission to accomplish.

If you do not believe that you are clear about your vision and values, take the time to coalesce and clarify what you are here to do. Each of us has a great task to accomplish – and when we are clear about what that task is to be, we feel lighter, stronger, and more up to the task.


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