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Healthy Halloween Ideas from Green Woman StoreMix In Some Green with Halloween’s Orange and Black To Save Money and the Environment!

*Decorate with Nature: Leaves, Branches, Hay Bales, Gourds, Pumpkins, Mums and other Dried Flowers. All available at your local farmers market.
*Hand out pencils made from recycled paper or wood instead of junk food. 
*Skip the plastic pumpkin and Trick-or-Treat with reusable canvas bags or pillow cases.
* Test your creativity with DIY, thrift store or yard sale costumes. Organize a Costume Swap with friends and neighbors.

Halloween Safety with Luna Tagz at GreenWomanStore.comHere Are Our Halloween Safety Tips!

Be creative in helping your child to create her own costume and theme. Choose a costume that fits snugly and is the right length for her height. Flowing costumes can easily snag on objects and other people, and can be dangerous around open flames.

Keep your child’s neck area clear, and avoid jewelry, cords, sashes, anything that could pose a choking hazard. Skip the capes, they can pose strangulation risks, and could get caught on something or cause a child to trip.

Use masks cautiously. Don’t  have your child wear them when walking. Many masks can obstruct a child’s vision, especially when it’s dark at night. Check to make sure that he can breathe comfortably. Read face paint labels. A great alternative to masks is face paint, but make sure you read labels carefully and choose a face paint that is FDA-approved and meant for use on skin (non-toxic doesn’t necessarily means it’s safe for use on the face).

Ditch the accessories so that she has a free hand to carry her candy and another to hold your hand, especially while crossing the street or while walking on crowded sidewalks.

Halloween Safety with LunaTagz at GreenWomanStore.comUse Luna Tagz, or tape, sew or glue reflective tape onto your child’s costume or jacket to make sure that she can be seen in the dark. Adults, carry a flash light with you while trick or treating to light the path and also allow motorists to see your trick-or-treaters.

Wear shows your child is used to, or opt for safe footwear not the cheap, plastic kind that have no traction and could cause a child to slip and fall, or if it’s the boot-cover type that is made out of fabric or rubber, make sure it’s fitted securely so that it doesn’t slip off and pose a tripping hazard.

Have fun, and remember this is the season when Grandmothers past are close again and blessing us with their wisdom!

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