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October 11, 2013

All 21 Free Talks Available for 3 Days: Lean Into Green Encore

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Free Tips and Tools to increase your health, wealth and happiness! Hear women experts in the areas of food safety, interrelatedness, eco-friendly choices, sustainable agriculture, fair trade, health, green economics, women’s spirituality and children’s health. 

Due to the many requests for replays, we are excited to announce an “Encore” Replay of all 21 Free Talks. For three days beginning today, you can sign up and receive these 21 free talks in your inbox.   

Collectively, these 21 Talks represent very timely and life-changing information. We feel privileged to be an advocate and proponent of this “good news” and inspiring truth-telling. I have already put some of the new tips and tool in place in my life. Here are 3 examples examples of what you will hear:

Lori Alper at Lean Into Green Online EducationLori Alper helps us “Go Green” in easy steps.  First, your food should have no contact with plastic. Listen and learn why this is important for your family’s health. Second, switch to reusable shopping bags. Third, gradually change to non-toxic cleaning products as you run out. Fourth, replace your family’s personal care products with safe ones. Fifth, take your shoes off at the door to keep toxins outside. Much more about cookware (learn how your stainless steel can be non-stick), gardens and grass (the greener the more pesticides), BBQs (low temp and flip often), and the Bees – stop using Bee-toxic pesticides.

Leslie Reichert the Green Cleaning Coach at Lean Into Green Online EducationLeslie Reichert will take you on a green cleaning tour of your home, garden, and automobile, with tips and tricks for cleaning green! She has recipes, 30 second videos, safe cleaning products, and all the reasons for using them. Learn about cleaning chocolate and wine stains permanently, completely, and safely. Save money and your health with 4 basic cleaning products in your grocery isle: Vinegar, Salt, Baking Soda and Lemon Juice. Save money, water and cleaning products with “Bucketless Mopping.” Learn about blue microfiber cloths to make the inside of your car windows sparkle, and so much more!

Non-Toxic Kids with Katy Farber at Lean Into GreenKaty Farber says, “We can and do have an impact as parents. We can organize and act on issues of children’s health…Climate Change is a children’s health issue. We need to protect our kids from significant pollution.” We can buy organic dairy, and store our foods in Mason Jars vs. plastic, to reduce our family’s exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals. Katy Farber teaches Service Learning: finding and solving problems in local communities to increase children’s self-esteem, and to change a community’s perception of kids and teens.

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Please comment and let us know what you want to hear about, as we Lean Into Green together!

May your life be enriched, your host, Genny LaMorgan
Owner, where you shop fair trade, green, and woman made!

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